Hello! I'm new! Everyone welcome me :)

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    Nov 27, 2006
    Hello everyone,

    I'm relatively new to GBATemp.net but not so new to the 'legal backup' rom/emulator scene from Nes, Snes, GG etc.

    When my parents were stopping for a game system for me...They bought me a Sega Genesis [​IMG] which I don't regret. I spent hours and hours playing Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3...Sword of Vermillion, Shining Force 1/2/3 etc. Although, my friends kept talking about Zelda, Bomberman and other games.

    Eventually I got to play some of those games by 'of course' legitimately buying zelda and playing a rom on zsnes, snes9x etc...(I hope I am allowed to say emulator names here? I know I can't provide links to any rom sites for sure).

    It opened a whole new world of games...I play lots of old nes, snes and other games I never had the chance to play while maintaing an interest in pc gaming. About 6 years later, bought a crystal xbox...1 year ago on launch day bought an xbox 360. When I am waiting for new games to come out for xbox 360 I was playing some mmorpgs on the pc....such as wow, ffxi (ff online), pxo etc. Eventually however I realized that I didn't personally love the gameplay style of wow. I love RPGS and think mmorpgs are a great idea in theory but ...I just found myself endlessly grinding doing the same 'mission/instance' 100x to get a semi-good staff.

    The gameplay became so repeitive and I realized although I loved the human interaction. I missed the strong storyline, the unique gameplay changes that occur when switching like the differences in gameplay from ff1, to ff2 to ff12. or the rpg system of Chrono Trigger versus Pokemon RPGs.

    So I decided while waiting for xbox 360 games to come out I'd honestly rather just invest in a Nintendo DS and actually play new games with unique stores, gameplay, difficulties, music, etc. (Haven't bought a nds yet but will very very soon [​IMG]). One of my old roommates had a ...hmm flash-rom? or something like that were he used this special device that hooked up by by usb or ps/2 and copied roms onto it and played his GBC, GBA and eventually GBA SP.

    I originally was going to look into finding an Nintendo DS emulator but while researching them I noticed an add for the Supercard mini...and then started last nights 8 hours of surfing, product reviews and eventually stumbling onto this website [​IMG]

    After much though and debate I decided to and already have purchased a M3 Perfect Lite MicroSD recently and will purchase my microSD card which is really what brings me here. I want to use that homebrew app called moon something to play video files...I've heard...moonraker? has better video quality than the m3 software and looks pretty nice. So I've heard but I haven't had a chance to try it yet [​IMG]

    I know that bit rate whether it be in kB/sec or mB/sec is important in regards to both video quality and in some cases the read/write speeds will effect the smoothness of playback from own encoding projects such as making anime music videos, custom dvds and other projects. Of course with SD cards you have various speeds that would effect performance whether it be 33, 66, 100 or 150x.

    I assume with MicroSD cards that must be different speeds to right? I've seen some that are 10mB/sec or equivilent of 60x but i'm hoping theres some 100x microSD cards even if its only during reading and still 60ish during writing.

    If anyone here has the M3 Lite Perfect MicroSD can anyone tell me of a good Micro sd card that reads fast enough to be fairly smooth in fast motion scenes?
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    before anything else, I Welcome you to this humble forum, read the rules and stuff... but it seems you have done your homework.

    1º Yes you can say emulator names.
    2º Any microSD card can run moonshell, although the m3 already has it incorporated [​IMG]
    3º Check the http://www.m3wiki.com/ for more information about whats the best card for speeds (quality depends on the speed)

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    Nov 27, 2006
    Thank you [​IMG]
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    welcome and it seem like everything is already in place
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    Hello, and welcome to GBAtemp ewi770!

    Oh, and btw., Genesis nostalgia ftw! [​IMG]