hello every one. (a nice game i like to play).

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    Oct 24, 2008
    first before i copy my last topic i have to say that dice gave me permission and im sorry for not asking before.
    heres my last topic:
    hmm lets start.
    first im new here so hi every one biggrin.gif.
    ok the game im writing here is a game i like to play. kinda boring for some but not if you understand the game play and give it a try.
    the game is similar to TNR (the ninja RPG ) just that bleach RPG is harder and the game story is different cause its bleach duh tongue.gif.
    anyway ill explain the game and ill give a link to the web. you dont need to download anything its all on the web.
    ok so first like in the series there are 13 captains the 13 captains are the godly players that play to much! biggrin.gif. and there are 10 espada's in the hollow team.
    now the point in the game here is to train train and train!!! you can also kill hollows/shinigami's but i suggest you just to train thats the only way to be strong.
    you can choose to be a shinigami or a hollow i have no idea about hollows attack cause im a shinigami but i do know that the espada's are damn strong!
    now how do you train?
    easy but boring. after you register you will see training you press on it and then you will see
    strength , intelligence , speed thats for both of the teams.
    now then if you choose to be a shinigami you will also have: sword skill , shikai and bankai.
    about the hollows i dont know but you can ask people there on the socialize.
    anyway if you scroll down with the mouse you will see pictures. and next to them 5 minuets.
    what does it mean?
    that means if you press on it you get 1 stat for a stat you choose if you press on it but you need to wait 5 minuets for it.
    yap its hard and there are people that have like 1000 in each stat from training.
    but its not that bad cause in the same time you can play games , talk on this lovely forum and more. if you play online games you can find minimizers for the online game to be able to press each 5 mins on the stat you want.
    you can talk on the socialize to your team (shinigami or hollows). the people there are nice.
    my name in the game is ThePhoenix. if anyone wants to see my stats your welcome to ask here and ill post them.
    BTW i forgotten something important you have health and Reiatsu. thats for the fighting but also for the training! (you will need reiatsu to train) at the beginning you will not have a problem training but you will have a major problem when your really strong (when you have high stats)
    and thats because when your strong you will use like 600 reiatsu to level up one stat and then you need to wait like 10 mins instead of 5 cause you need to wait till you regen up. whats regen?
    its how much hp and mp you get each minuet for example:
    you have 100/100 reiatsu and you use 30 for training so you have left 70/100 then you need to wait like a minuet to get 100 back. another thing there is exp and levels so at the beginning you have a small amount of regen but you dont need more. if you want to know more about the game just post here. i just dont want to make people get bored cause half of the people see that the topic is to long so they dont read it.
    heres the web: http://www.bleach-rpg.net/?ref=ThePhoenix
    what its in for me?
    first i gain 4 points in strength , intelligence and speed. but i also gain new friends to play the game with and we also need to have 150 players at once cause terr the creator said he will not do a thing till he sees 150 online members in the same time tongue.gif.
    if you dont like the game after you tried it try to level up a bit and then quit if you dont like it still.
    for more tips you welcome to ask!
    Thanks a lot and have fun playing on Bleach RPG
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    First of all this looks like a big tutorial for a online flashgame so maybe this was put in the wrong area.
    Also, you may want to work on your spelling and grammar skills. This wall of text is unreadable.
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    Oct 24, 2008
    if you want mate you can help me to rewrite it better [​IMG]. i will really appreciate it.
    yeah and it is a big thing but im new on the forum and i thought the best place to write it is here.
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    Kent. lolol
    I don't get it [​IMG]

    I tried reading it but I forgot it straight away [​IMG]
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    Oct 24, 2008
    ok then ill rewrite it in a high level.
    some one wants to help me? ill credit him... (if not ill just do it myself)
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    Aug 14, 2007
    tl;dr Web-based browser game similar to UrbanDead (but Bleach-like), please click my referral link so I'll get stat points.

    Yes, it's a rough translation, and I'm actually pretty skeptical that dice gave you permission to post this.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Oct 24, 2008
    WOW , thats was amazing law thanks a lot. ill edit my post completely and give your credit.
    before ill edit it i have a couple questions to ask
    1. should i remove the topic to a different area?
    2. am i allowed to delete this topic somehow and make a new one cause this one is kinda lame right now T_T.