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    Another project joins the pack, as the custom NX bootloader, Hekate, has also been updated to work with the latest Nintendo Switch firmware 6.2.0. Other features and fixes have been made as well. AtlasNX/Kosmos has also been updated to include this new build. The full changelog is below.

    • Full 6.2.0 support. Many thanks to @nwert and @balika011 for their help!
      -Supports Secure Monitor and new Exosphere
      -Supports booting 6.2.0 with less than 8 fuses
      -It has 100% success ratio
      -Added support to "Print TSEC keys" and "Dump pkg1/2" tools
    • Fixed YouTube HDCP issue. Thanks @hexkyz for taking the time to investigate.
    • Every file lister is now ignoring hidden files and .dot files. Thanks @StevenMattera
    • The Minerva Training Cell library for hekate was updated to latest version (v1.1)
    • Added "silent option to Auto HOS power off option. You can now choose if you want the logo to be shown. Thanks @Huntereb
    • Refactored the monolithic main.c to simpler grouped sections. Additionally hos.c took some love.
    • Many many bugfixes
    NOTE: Everything hekate related, moved to bootloader folder.
    Check for more.

    :download: Download: GitHub (Hekate)
    :arrow: Discussion Thread
    :download: Download: GitHub (Kosmos)
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