Question Hekate: 4.0.1 restored stock (burnt fuses), pkg2 decryption failed

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  1. kankuro666

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    Jul 10, 2019
    Hello. I have restored my Boot0/1 and rawnand that I've made around a year ago on 4.0.1 - totally clean.
    I did some CFW stuff on 8.1, but now I restored the clean NAND (but by mistake previously I restored to 6.1 and disabled autoRCM, so now i have 7 burnt fuses instead of 5).

    I restored to my clean NAND, but it won't boot normally (probably because of the fuses), so I wanted to use hekate, but when launching the stock option I get the error "pkg2 decryption failed".
    I tried both text and gui hekate 5.0.1s. In the graphical one after choosing stock - it is stuck at "HEKATE - IPL custom nx bootloader":
    upload_2019-7-10_21-4-46.png upload_2019-7-10_21-4-33.png
    Is my NAND or maybe BOOT0/1 corrupted? How can I possibly boot this OFW?

    Thanks in advance!

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    With what did you dump your NAND in the first place?
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