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    So i got the GBA GSM player to run on my EZ Flash 4, had about 13 songs on there so i was pretty stoaked. I put something like 8 more songs on that file thinking 'hey, i got a 2 gb card, i should be fine.' But i open it up on my GBA and i get 'Not enough PSRAM'. Whats Psram? And would it work if i compiled a bunch of smaller files instead of putting all the songs on one file?

  2. Jack-Of-Trades

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    Psram is the fast ram on the card (mini sd version only has 16MB)
    Nor Slow as hell (32MB on the minisd version) Press select on a rom to flash it here (will be on the first page where it says SD-Disk/EZ-Disk) And it will stay till you delete it

    And it's a good idea seeing as Nor is so dam slow to keep you music below 16MB
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    PSRAM is basically just RAM, and the EZ-4 has 16 megabytes of it. The EZ-4 runs GBA games & software from PSRAM (or NOR flash memory) because SD cards are not fast enough to be accessed like a GBA cart.

    I'm not familiar with that program, but it sounds like you compile songs into a .gba file along with the player (much like emulators for the GBA). If this is correct, the compiled file will need to be small enough to fit in the EZ-4's PSRAM.

    In short, keep the file under 16MB.
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    100% correct. Note that you can move the *.gsm files out of the "gsms" folder for archiving and then delete the *.wav files in the "wavs" folder so you don't have to waste time re-converting files over again. Just add the *.gsm files you want to the "gsms" folder and run go.bat. This way you can easily pick and choose the songs you want to put in each compilation.