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    Rock_Band-2013-01-29-DLC_XBOX360-LiGHTFORCE for those wanting Rock Band DLC. Aerosmith's "greatest" is the order of the day here.

    Should be region free. A Japanese region dupe hit about a week ago.

    The previous heavy fire games were somewhat cheap and cheerful FPS/rails shooting games (US amazon lists this at $20). They did not do so well but picked up a few fans along the way (the off brand shooting game market can hardly be said to be innovative but they do attempt to branch for the COD clone M.O. of others), this one is not doing that well thus far though probably as it is a stick only rails shooter.

    As sales patter extents to little more than "4 player co-op mode" ( http://www.co-optimus.com/game/2865/xbox-360/heavy-fire-shattered-spear.html has it down as local) one review

    Video Some gameplay from the second mission.


    Surprisingly for a COMPLEX release there does not seem to be one yet in any of the places that usually have them (including downloads of the game).
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