Health and Safety is back to default but the icon is still from homebrew cia

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    You read the title, that's my issue.

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  2. godreborn

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    I think at one point health and safety was updated, because I was using it with fbi instead of using the actual fbi app. at some point, my tile returned back to health and safety, so I assume it was updated with an official update. now, I have the homebrew channel launching through download play and rosalina. the icon for that is the normal download play icon. I think if you don't have the 3dsx file present it will open download play normally. I did try that without an sd card plugged in, and that's what it did.
  3. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    The icons are cached for "performance" reasons (it still sucks, lol), you can clear the cache with Cthulu or by erasing all launcher's data (turn on the power while holding L+R+↓+B, also resets icon layout and tutorial notifications)
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