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    Dec 17, 2010
    Header Image
    Not everyone knows what I'm talking about now, so I'll explain that right now. In GBAtemp's header there are 3 images, a GBA SP, a DS Lite, and a Wii. When you click on one of those icons you go to that section.
    My idea is that it should light up when your mouse is above it. This suggestion isn't necessary at all, but I think it looks better.

    Temporary Login
    Sometimes (= all the time) I forget to log out from GBAtemp. I think this is annoying, because I'm a perfectionist.
    I've visited other forums, where I saw there is the function to be logged in for a specific time before you are logged out automatically. Users who want to visit the forum for only one hour, and then want to do their homework, can't go to long to the forum, so it's also good for the world's future!
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    Mar 20, 2007
    i've been here since 07(on and off) and i never knew about the header images lol so thanks for pointing that out