HDMI problem! Please Help!

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    I have always used an HDMI cable with my 360 and have never experienced any problems with it until Tuesday.
    On Monday i took my console to a friends house and used standard AV cables there. The next day HDMI wasn't working on my home TV (AV does and still does)
    I know it cant be the console TV or cable because I have tried 3 different 360 consoles,4 HDMI cables, on 3 TVs. I have also tried using my laptop and friends PS3 with the HDMI and both experienced no problems.

    Regardless of which combination of 360, HDMI cable, or TV i use, i get no signal AND controllers even Wired ones will not connect.

    I have tried holding Y and RT, Unplugging the console overnight, using different power adapters hard drives etc. Everything works fine, unless HDMI is plugged in. I've noticed the consoles act the same if there is no AV or HDMI plugged in but i find it hard to beleive that the HDMI hook up is broken on all three of these 360's, especially if i was just using it not even a week ago.

    Any idea on what to do?
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    You can try restoring your 360 to the default settings.
    If that doesn't work then I hate to say it, but then I also don't know it anymore.
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    not sure
    the resolution might have gotten set higher