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    Ok. Two things:
    Is it possible to connect external HDD to PSP and use it as huge memory stick? If yes, what is the best HDD for that? What software do I need?

    Second. Is there any way to put small images of the albums covers of the songs in the music menu? What about movies?
    Thanx [​IMG]
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    I assume you mean this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_drive
    Last time i checked, the PsP standed for "Playstation Portable".
    Why would you wanna lug around with a Hard disk drive for?
    Okay, so 8GB is not enough for you? C´mon... where are you going? Cave camping for a year? Bring lotsa batteries then.
    But, seriously. I have like 5-7 games on my PsP 4GB card right now. That is enough to keep me busy for a while.

    But, okay. Let´s assume we wanna hook up a HDD.
    What we need to think of first. As ive noticed, the PsP Usb Connection is a Camera like cable(thank god i had one around else id had to buy one.)
    Now first ya hook it up into the PsP, Now the hard drive it self. Now, the thing here is two problems.
    One being that the PsP only let´s the a computer access the Memory Stick, in my case my SanDisk 4GB, so i can edit the files.
    And ive checked. Soon as you exit the Usb Connection menu, the connection to the computer is terminated.

    So, in conclusion. No, it won´t work.
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    There was something over at acidmods.com where some guy modded his psp so that it would work though usb host. I think he had an ipod with ipod linux on it in the umd slot lol. But like said above, a usb hard drive will not work, unless you open up your psp and change something.

    As for album art for songs, just open them in a media player (like iTunes or w/e you use) and add album art to your mp3. I have gotten mine to show up with album art in the psp music menu.

    And for movies find a picture that you want to use first. Then resize the picture to 160x120 and save it as a .jpg. Then rename the picture to the same name as the movie file and put it in the same directory as the video file.
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