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    So, on a DVD recorder with HDD, that lets you record TV shows on a DVD or HDD, can you rip movie DVDs? With or without the menu and/or chapter/scene selection. And, can you record the rip back to a DL DVD+/-R?

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    A fair few DVDs use so Macrovision's so called protection (in actuality if you were to call it two-bit you probably would not be wrong) so any video will come out looking like the tracking is off on a VCR or not at all.

    There are macrovision busters around but a) you will probably have to build it, not to mention find specs (macrovision have a serious bug about this sort of thing) b)You can rip any commercial DVD flawlessly (these recorders will impact quality) in under half a hour (15mins for a quick drive) why bother.

    I believe macrovisions fee goes out as a percentage sale anyhow (or a nice bit of wedge) so many companies no longer use it and most independents will not either.