hbc on system menu 4.1

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    Jul 28, 2009
    Hello everybody on GBAtemp, here's my story:

    I used to have a BORING wii, with 4.0U version, and some day, i got a sd card, and started to learn bout 'hbc', I applied a bannerbomb, and got finally the hbc, dvdx and bootmii,
    but then i wanted more, i tryed to install configurable sd/usb loader but i got many errors, i installed many cIOS, used trucha bug restorer and many many other stuff,so i wanted to start all over again:
    i erased everything on my wii, and updated it to 4.1U,
    then i used bannerbomb

    now i have this: 4.1U wii + hbc + dvdx

    OK, that's all the info, now the main point:

    I want to use the USB/SD loader (or any similar improved app) for loading backups from an USB drive (in my case it's a 320 GiB HP personal media drive)
    What I need?
    for example: HP personal media drive must have a partition: ntfs or fat ( i know it has to be formatted to WBFS with WBFS manager, but before that...?)
    ¿Can I have 2 partitions on my HP pmd? (one as WFBS and other for music, movies, images, etc.)

    What other software I need? cIOS, IOS, any WAD manager, or CIOS installer or WHAT???

    Please, i need usb loader because my wii makes a lot of noise when reading a disc [​IMG]

    P.S.: I also have: Win XP, UBUNTU 9.04, and Win Vista, if i need extra software, I can run it on these platforms [​IMG]
    P.S.2.: I need to improve my english ¬¬