Haxchi vs. Wii-VC & Gamecube-VC Titles

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    Just found an issue using Haxchi and Wii-VC & Gamecube-VC Titles (injected).

    Once I start the WiiU and load Haxchi CFW, I can run Wii-VC / GC-VC titles fine. But when I exit the game and return to Sysmenu, I can't load another Wii/GC VC game - as it gives me an 199-9999 error. The solution is to load Haxchi CFW every time before I run a Wii/GC game.

    I think that once a WII-VC/GC-VC is loaded, it loses the sigpatch when returning to sysmenu... Just asking if it's a common issue, or if there is a workaround for this.

  2. Zapdos857

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    Sep 23, 2018
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    You need Mocha or another CFW
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  3. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Obviously, booting (enhanced) Vwii kernels unloads the WiiU mode one, which results in the loss of any temporary patches

    There's no solution until we'll be able to sign our own kernels (ha ha ha) or a practical bootrom signature verification exploit is found and implemented (ha ha ha)
    Of course, in the meanwhile you can use the next best thing (CBHC) if having to manually launch an exploit annoys you (and I wouldn't blame you either!)
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    Yes, just need to confirm if I load Mocha through Haxchi fix that issue...
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    that won't fix the issue, like Ryccardo said launching vWii unloads WiiU kernel and its cfw patches.
    it would unload Mocha patches too. I don't remember if EmuNAND had a fix for vWii mode, but that would be even more complicated to manage.

    the best workaround is cbhc, it auto-patch the firmware at wiiu mode launch.
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