Having trouble with new trinket m0 flash and install

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    I have my trinket, ready to be soldered in but am having some trouble with the initial flashing.
    When I plug the trinket into my pc, I have a "TRINKETBOOT" drive available.
    According to the steps outlined at [guide I can't link], I must now grab one of the files from [github repository I can't link], drag it to this "TRINKETBOOT" drive and it is meant to automatically reset and show me a "SWITCHBOOT" drive.
    Well, I assume I am meant to use the "SWITCHBOOT_TRINKET_JOYCON_VOLUME.uf2" file, yeah? When I drag and drop that into "TRINKETBOOT", nothing happens.
    Ok, I guess I'll try and disconnect and then reconnect the chip? Now I have a folder called "CIRCUITPY". No sign of "SWITCHBOOT"
    This folder only has 12k of free space. I don't think I'll be putting any payloads there.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

    EDIT: So yeah, dropping UF2 files into the "TRINKETBOOT" device doesnt do anything. The exception was a bootloader update UF2. That one did what it was meant to and automatically installed.
    I also tried uploading the switchboot and also the fusee sketches through the arduino software. All of them threw errors during compiling.
    I'm stumped. Any insight, anyone?
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    You followed this thread?
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