having trouble playing .mkv files

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by pizzaman2893, May 4, 2009.

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    Recently I've had trouble playing mkv files. I have vlc media player, windows media player, classic media player and realtime alternative and none of them seem to work on any of the programs. I never used to have trouble playing them. I just upgraded my graphics card to the ati radeon 2600. I think that might be my problem but when I mess with the settings it doesn't get any better. can someone help?
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    If you haven't tried it, I would recommend re-installing your codecs. Not sure why it would change with a new graphics card, but it might fix it. If you don't have a pack, you could use Combined Community Codec or Vista Codec Pack
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    If you have Vista or Windows 7, download this guy's codec package: http://shark007.net/
    Plays any type of video file using Windows Media Player.
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    "upgraded my graphics card"
    The usual advice for such things is when making such a serious upgrade reinstall the whole OS but you should be able to work around it.

    Modern graphics cards can often take some of the video decoding/encoding (especially H264 which I see all the time in the MKV container) load and such things are usually taken care of when you install the drivers so I suspect a filter/decoder conflict. It could either be new drivers messing with existing decoders or old drivers trying something that does not exist (uninstall programs for drivers are sometimes not so hot, good news is third parties tend to have good tools).

    First step is can you show me a filter chain from something like graphedit (part of the directxSDK although you can find a download of just graphedit) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms787460.aspx or http://blog.monogram.sk/janos/tools/monogram-graphstudio/ or http://www.codeproject.com/KB/audio-video/dsgraphedit.aspx
    I have used the graphedit and graphstudio, I just found out about the third so I have no idea about it).

    Once you have that load up an MKV file and it should tell you how it is trying to decode it, it should look something like this:
    If it does look like that then try playing it (might be called test render) as that should give some good info as to what is going on.

    Your best bet is to uninstall all video related stuff and then install it again (resetting may not be enough) have a look with CCCP insurgent if you have to go in manually:
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    ok umm I tried reinstalling and uninstalling my codecs and it didn't work. And when I play some videos they show all glitchy looking or the video lags but the audio works