Hacking Emulator Having trouble downloading mgba 3ds file.


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Jul 30, 2021
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Hi, I'm new here, hope I'm doing something right.

Yesterday I tried to set up mgba 3ds so I could play the old fire emblem and mother 3, however a problem I have had with the file is that it doesn't come up with the mgba logo when I download it (mgba) onto my laptop. Instead the icon is a blank page with a corner folded. The laptop is quite old and I feel like the permissions to download and open the application may have been changed. Or is there an installer needed? The video tutorial I watched I think said mgba 3ds was a zipped folder and you had to extract things from it, but it's not coming up as that.
Ask if I haven't explained anything clearly enough, it's probably a fault on my part.

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I would recommend running GBA games through open_agb_firm instead of using an emulator. This disables the console's sleep mode, but it is worth it, as it drastically improves the sound quality and game performance. This is especially useful in Mother 3, as this will let you use sound combos much more easily. To do this, download the linked 7z file and extract it. Take the "open_agb_firm.firm" file and place it in the /luma/payloads folder on your 3DS's SD Card. Then, after you have inserted the SD Card back into the 3DS, you can access open_agb_firm by holding down START during power-up until the payload chooser screen appears and then selecting open_agb_firm. Then, simply navigate to the location of the GBA ROM on your 3DS's SD Card, press the A button, and the ROM should now be running properly!
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