Having some trouble running GBA games smoothly ple

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Louminater, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Louminater

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    Feb 17, 2007
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    Alright, I have a R4 for my slot 1 and a EZ-Flash IV lite for the slot 2. My DS games are working PERFECTLY with the R4, my problem comes when playing the GBA...

    I downloaded EZ4 client EZ4_20061010 and updated it with EZ4Patch061130. The kernel I downloaded was EZ4-Loader061227 (pretty sure it's the latest one).

    I installed the Kernel like I was supposed to, then used EZ4 Client to move the games from my computer onto my 1gb Kingston (Japanese). I got all the games I wanted on there, created sub folders to make going through the games a little easier then just dragged the games into them.

    Now, when I run the GBA games, all of the ones I tried worked. It's wierd though, sometimes when I run the slot 4, it starts to load the save files I have, but sometimes it won't. Then I go and choose a game and it begins to load it up. If I'm lucky, it starts right away, sometimes I get unlucky and the screen goes black instead. Then I have to turn the DS off, and try again, then it works. What's causing this? Is it just the way it is?

    Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys [​IMG]
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    I read something about only being able to have 80 roms in a folder, try that? [​IMG]

    Good luck!
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    Oct 30, 2006
    don't know if u fixed it yet, but if not u could make sure you could try running from gba mode (more reliable) if u were in nds mode. also could try burning games to nor.
  4. Smuff

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    I agree with OSW - better to run the games from the EZ4s GBA menus than from the NDS one.
    Also a good point about the '80 roms to a folder' - this has been reported before as causing problems.

    If you're still having no joy, you might want to check out the semi-official EZFlash english language forums - this is where the real EZ4 experts live. Not as flashy a site as gbatemp, but the people there know their onions.
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    The only later kernels are the new moonshell betas, if you only have a EZ4 lite (not compact or deluxe) the try a loader from July (24th I think) as it runs GBA games better. Leave everything else as is. rambozotheclown has already given links or they are in my signature.