Having problems with Monster Hunter Tri

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by drakorex, Mar 5, 2011.

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    I'm using Wiiflow 2.2 and I have my hermes and waninkokos up to date, yet when I start the game, it will play through the opening movie but when I go to begin a game, it freezes.This is when the ios on wiiflow is set to default, any other ios and it refuses to load altogether. I tried using Wiiflow 2.1, for which I had to downgrade 249 to rev 19 in order for it to read the wbfs folder on my fat32 formatted hdd (sd card in a printer, actually) and aside from it hiccuping during the movies, it at least plays the game. This isn't the only game that seems to dislike 2.2, Smash bros randomly black screens on loading. Does anyone know why this might be? And also, what problems might I have with other programs using 249 being downgraded??
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    If you think it's a Wiiflow problem, you should ask in the pinned wiiflow thread.

    Monster Hunter Tri should work fine with a base 56 or 57 (edited after Wiipower comment).
    You can also use a cIOS 22x hermes v4 [37+38].
    I don't know about the other game's freezing/blackscreen issues.

    Going from rev21 back to rev19 could prevent you from using Nand emulation (Triiforce, Mighty channels, etc.).
    Not a big compatibility problem with your games.

    You can also try to install cIOSx-v21d2x instead of the official Waninkoko rev21.
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    The used cIOS needs IOS37 or IOS56 as base. Maybe there's another base IOS that works too, but i'm almost sure it is not IOS57.

    Either Hermes cIOS with base IOS37 or cIOSrev21 with base IOS56 should work for you, you just have to install the right one and tell your loader to actually use it. If it still doesn't work, it's either a loader or a HDD compatibilty issue i think.
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    use herms ios v4 223