Having a new issue with BootMii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by BryceOne, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. BryceOne

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    I usually make a backup of my Wii's NAND with BootMii every once in a while, especially before installing new things. I've never had a problem restoring my NAND backups until now. Trying to restore it, but it's telling me the backup is from a different Wii. It's not!!! What's going on here? This is happened after updating with HackMii 0.8 (HBC and BootMii).

    It does ask if I'm sure I want to continue, KONAMI, if not Press Z to quit. I dont want to take that risk yet. Also, i'm assuming this is with a Gamecube Controller? I had left my GC controller at my brother's house in Reno and I wont be able to get it back for until next time I visit.
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    Older versions of bootmii had this issue but it was fixed.

    Maybe the bug got reintroduced in the latest bootmii.

    I haven't made a backup with the latest bootmii so i can't confirm it
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    The fact the Konami code is asked for shows this is BootMii/IOS, and that is the reason it won't restore the dump, not that the dump is from a different Wii. BootMii will NEVER restore a dump from a different Wii, regardless of whether you enter the Konami code AFAIK. Are you sure you read the error correctly? I highly doubt it said it was from a different Wii, and then asked you to enter the Konami code.
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    Aug 30, 2010
    Play backup/restore game only if You have bootmii@boot2.
    Otherwise it is strongly dis advised to do it through bootmii@IOS.
    If You can boot HBC then there are better/safer ways to fix problems.
  6. BryceOne

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    Wasn't what I expected to find, but Thanks. Looking at the installation log and somehow it got installed as IOS. I uninstalled it and installed as Boot2, and it's working fine now.
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    Newer Hackmii Installers automatically install BootMii as an IOS