Having a major issue with dashlaunch.

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    This morning My daughter and I were playing PvZ. It crashed and we restarted the 360 and it booted back into XNE. Which I thought was strange, restarted the box and it did the same thing. I used XEX to boot into FSD 3 and planned on doing a fresh install. So I booted up the install program, Selected download newest and checked the box for dashlaunch as well. Well the install I thought went great, But i was wrong. It download dashlauch 3.07 and I am told my kernal 2.016747.0 is not supported. And at the bottom left side it tells me currently running 3.02 (459). So I grabbed the newest dashlaunch and moved it to a USB. Selected the XEX file, and nothing I am looking a completely black screen. No console control, I have to do a complete reset by removing the wall plug. There is no busy light moving on the USB after the first load up. So what Can I do to save this and get it back to normal.

    Edit: I just downloaded and tried dashlaunch 3.08, And having the same issue with that.
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    You'll have to build a new NAND.
    Then you can reinstall FSD.