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    Jan 26, 2017
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    Hi, I'm new to this site (obviously), so here's an obligatory introduction. Although for the sake of making this introduction more than just saying hi, I guess I'll also include a brief overview of my history with video games as sort of an explanation for how I ended up on this website.

    The first game I ever played was Space Cadet Pinball because it was on my dad's computer. I was 5ish (don't know exactly) and I played lots of it. My parents decided to try using my interest in video games to have a positive effect on me, so from then until I was 7 I played a bunch of learning, edutainment-type games. I guess they had the right idea because I could do 1st grade level math and basic reading and writing stuff before I was in Kindergarten. It also helps that my parents are teachers I guess.

    The way I played video games completely changed when my older brother asked for an X-box for Christmas that year. We got it with some spaceship flying game (which I have searched for extensively and can't find), and a combo pack that had a football game and Top Spin. I didn't play much of these games, but I started to play video games a lot more when my parents bought SpongeBob: the Battle for Bikini Bottom as a present for me and my twin brother. SpongeBob was my favorite thing at the time, and so I played that game like crazy. I also played it in a very weird way for being just a 7 year old; Me and my twin didn't understand how saving games worked, and somehow we managed to turn off the autosave, so every time we'd play the game we started from the beginning and tried to figure out how get through the game faster so we could eventually beat it in one sitting.

    I continued playing the same couple of X-box games until the X-box 360 and my older brother wanted it because all his friends had one. All we really had on the X-box 360 was Halo, CoD, and other generic shooters. My brothers were into these games, but I didn't really care, so I would've gone back to just playing X-box games, but my mom sold our X-box without saying anything. So instead this lead to me playing PC games. The problem with this was that my parents thought that playing PC games would give the computer viruses, so I played flash games and steam free games, and did it secretly.

    Ironically, despite only playing flash games, this is when I started getting into games more seriously. I even took them seriously enough that when my family got a Wii I started speedrunning New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This interest in games only waned though, because my family was poor at this time and so we couldn't get any games, plus my dad yelling at me and my twin brother all the time about how video games were ruining our futures.

    It continued kind of like that until 2014, when I got really into videogames again because I learned how emulators work (which is also when I went on GBAtemp for the first time, trying to learn more about emulators). From then on I continued to get more into videogames through emulators and modern games through Steam, which I guess I should mention I was able to get away with doing because my dad stopped caring? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I guess that's the ending of my introductory book. I'm not sure whether such a long-winded post like this even belongs on the introductions or if it should be a blog-post instead, but I'm sure a mod or something will tell me if it's a problem.
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