Have you ever been the ignorant customer when calling customer service??

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    Have you even had a problem with technology you couldn't figure on your own, so you felt like you needed to contact a customer technical help or support line? Even though you know a thing or two about turning it off and on again, and try everything you think you know what you could do and tell them what you're sure the problem is not, they will still have you follow instructions that are as basic as breathing. They'll have you repeat steps that you already repeated yourself a thousand times over with no avail, until eventually they'll say "We'll send over a technitian sometime later in the week" or "we'll send you a prepaid box to ship your product in"

    I just ran into that kind of problem where the solution was so simple, that I hate myself for overlooking it. I was trying to figure out why one of my 3DS units wasn't displaying any content and the others were. In my defense though, the 1st guy I talked to said he never encountered my problem before. The 3DS I was using, I never used alot. I got it 2 years ago and when I powered it up for the 1st time, I had everything set to default. As soon as the 2nd technitian told me to go into settings, and then look under region settings, I knew instantly before I got there that I left the 3DS set to Argentina (the default) years ago. I feel so ashamed of myself that I overlooked such a simple detail and called someone to help me out.

    Anyone else ever derped on customer support before?