Have some questions about Wii hacking

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by zidane_genome, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Ok, I want to start learning about the Wii, and how the internals work with discs and such...

    I'm just going to post all my questions in this thread, just to keep it tidy.

    My first question;

    I'm looking at my Mario Kart Wii disc in WiiScrubber... now, the INSTALLER partition 3 has the main.dol with the Mario Kart Channel (RevoKartNR.wad) Is the Wad file all I'd need to extract to use in Wad Manager, or do I need to compile it with the .dol and .img/.bin files somehow?

    Second question;

    Let's say I want to put a save file on my Wii for a game... but I don't have that game, nor have I ever put that game disc in my Wii... I know that the Wii won't let me put it on the NAND without the game being played at least once... Now, if I get a copy of the data from someone's Save Extractor, can I use the Save Installer with a backup of the game WITHOUT a modchip... meaning, I'm not trying to play the game, just want to use the backup to install the save...