Have PayPal started changing their ways?

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    I was looking at a game on eBay before and it said under shipping for unregistered post

    "*Please note that there is no insurance provided for this type of postage and -snipped- will not be liable for any lost or damaged items in transit. In case an item is not delivered within the specified time frame, Proof of Postage is available and can be provided to the customer and will also be forwarded to Paypal. Proof of postage includes the following information:1-Customers name & address. 2- Date the item was posted. 3-Our details and also a stamp from Australia Post to confirm that the item was shipped."

    I can't help but wonder whether PayPal are starting to change their super biased buyer protection policy which grants buyers a refund if the item doesn't arrive and the seller didn't send the item with a tracking number. Still it seems like an elaborate scare tactic to convince buyers to choose registered post if you ask me. If they can cheaply post items and win with PayPal then why don't other sellers do it too?
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    Pretty sure it's still The way it always was.

    Then again, I'd like to believe that the way you present your case actually matters, so I wouldnt call it "super biased" per-se
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    I forgot

    What you're reading has nothing to do with Paypal's system, it's the postal system. The insurance is referring to the package itself, not Paypal's system. Unregistered mail has no insurance, no tracking, no signatures etc. If the package is lost or damage, the post office doesn't have to pay any insurance money to the buyer. You would still be able to register a claim and get a refund and what-not from Paypal.
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    Looks that way to me. I did a bit of research and the stamp from Aus post is really just a picture of the package sent to you as shown in the image. I strongly doubt PayPal would accept that as proof of postage.

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    What happens to a package and it's contents during transit is not, or has it ever been PayPal's responsibility.
    Thats why postal services offer buyer's insurance. If there is no insurance provided, then thats a risk you have to take on your own, or special request to the seller for extra shipping care, as both parties agree on the extra payment.

    PayPal's and eBay's buyer protection is in place to help ensure people aren't robbed or scammed by faulty information and/or practices. But lets be honest that PayPal's customer service is rated as shit by consumer reports and surveys. Theres no guarantee you'll get helped if you're ever scammed.
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    Paypal is about as pro-seller as any service can ever be. It'll never change either. Its customer service currently is an automated copy&paste system that politely tells you to go fuck yourself.

    Other that I actually have no idea what this thread is actually trying to point out.
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