Have I Made The Right Choise?

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    Sep 7, 2006
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    I recently ordered a "M3 Adapter CF version with passcard 3", but it was a hard decision. At £71 ($133) my pocket was certainly bruised, but I'm starting to wonder about all the other great options. G6, EZII PS, Supercard and Flash2Advance Ultra have all been praised.

    For the Flash2Advance Ultra cart you can buy an addon that plays GB and GBC colour games which is fantastic. Originally all i wanted was a GB/GBC/GBA flash cart, but the built in memory turned me off the F2A, so I ended up with just GBA/DS compatibilty.

    What I've heard so far is that M3 and Supercard are VERY close together. EZ carts have also had good reviws, but I'm confused with all the models (I've been to the official site and it doesn't list EZ-III on it). G6 I've never heard before, and the F2A cart is good but for the fact that it uses built in memory (limited to 10,000 memory rewrites) and has that addon mentioned ealier.

    The thing is, I don't know the order of quality all of these carts would be in.

    I'll probably be happy with the M3 (although it might look bulky with the passcard and M3 sticking out), but just like to know all the best options.

    Sorry I haven't had time to check out all the forum for possible answers to my queries.
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    For the GBA, M3 is definitely tops over supercard. G6 is a flashcart version of M3 (built in memory instead of MM cards), made by the same people. I hear its pretty darned good in fact.

    I have an F2A Ultra, and its definitely not compatible with the game wallet or GBC adapter thing. They pretty much ditched on their customers as well, no driver/firmware currently exists to even let you actually use the 2gig cart.

    So, in my opinion, and from my guesses as to what you will do with it, I would say:
    G6 (though it is limited in memory)
    EZ3/4 (3 is flash only, 4 is mini/micro SD cards+some flash)
    .. everything else
    F2A (simply for lack of software updates in over a year)
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    Sep 7, 2006
    Seems like I'll have to get a specialised GB and GBC cart then. I read somewhere that emulation for them two system exists on the M3, but I think emulation is a poor substitute (unless the picture quality is identical).

    So it's just the memory and size that makes G6 different? I've always worried about built in memory that could fail after 10,000 uses. Seperate memory can be replaced.

    Thanks for replying, my questions probably have been asked a zillion times already.
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    flash ram has a certain number of writes to it before it fails. I don't believe that the ram used in the G6 is flash ram (its more like the ram in your pc, and the battery in the G6 provides voltage to keep the data intact).

    depending on your needs, there are a variety of good gba-specific flash cart solutions still available. I personally like my ezfa cart which is 256Mb (large enough to accommodate the largest gba titles like kingdom hearts - chain of memories). its only downside is that you need a gba/gba sp to transfer data to it, since it uses the link port.

    another good option would be the ezf series which uses a mini-usb cable to transfer data to the cart.