Have GW with original fw & emunand on 4.1, how to update?

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  1. Misterke

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    Aug 23, 2012
    I finally acquired a 3DS with FW 4.1 and a gateway card. After setup I have a working system with emunand at version 4.1, copied from my sysnand, but some games want more, so I want to update emunand and that's where the problem starts...
    Nintendo just switched over to 9.3, which won't work as emunand, so I cannot upgrade via the online upgrade in the settings. I do have a game cartridge with FW 7.1, but everything I read says that upgrading emunand from a cartridge may upgrade sysnand instead, which would break the gateway completely. So, how do I get my sysnand to 7.1 or even better: 9.2?

    Thanks, K
  2. clienthax

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    Oct 21, 2009
    gateway should have a compatibility update out within a day or so for 9.3