Has anyone tried rendering old 2D systems like SNES in HD with sprite packs in an emulator?

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    Like how we can run Wii/GC/etc in HD (I'm pretty sure Dolphin can go up to 4K) and even with texture packs for further enhancements.

    So, has anyone tried emulating a SNES game in HD with high-resolution sprite packs? Would that even be possible?
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    Possible, sure and possibly even with existing emulators (the lua stuff many now feature is actually very powerful), however the effort to do it would probably be such that you would just turn around and remake the game -- you would have the assets as you have just redrawn them, you would have the level layouts as part of that and that just leaves the engine which you probably already know if you have spent the time to do the previous two things.

    Assuming you are not going to just remake the game then what is more likely to be troublesome is dealing with "empty magnification" -- you have all your nice redrawn sprites but you will still only be seeing 6 "tiles" either side of the character. Owing to the way most console games are programmed, which is to say how console hardware is set up, then this is not an easy thing to sort. The issues associated with turning 3d games into 16:9 from 4:3 are a walk in the palk compared to doing the same for most 16 bit and older 2d console games. That is just the display as well -- so much game logic happens when the camera appears or is just about to appear, and games often have their challenge designed around this.

    I also have to wonder how much improvement many games will see -- no argument that in many, perhaps most, cases, especially old consoles running a low res, poly counts and texture capacity, a bump in 3d quality will do well. For 2d sprites though there is the whole thing where the limitations were known and dealt with accordingly -- those working in 3d were/are also keenly aware of the limitations but the request list would probably run more polys/higher res and better textures (and maybe better lighting somewhere in all that or immediately after it), however those working in 2d would probably have the request list along the lines of more vram, more colours in a palette, more sprite handling capability somewhat before resolution came into play (or if you want see the hardware progression between the NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA and DS).