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    Sep 13, 2009
    United States
    Okay, so, I've got Candace at max hearts (Yes, I'm aware that I only needed 7 hearts for what I'm trying to accomplish.) and I'm trying to view hers and Julius' last rival event. I checked around and seen that it said that I need to be at Julius' house from 10AM to 7:50PM, however here it is 11:30 AM and nothing has happened. [​IMG] What am I doing wrong, guys?

    Also, yeah, I'm trying to get the rival children to appear because besides the two that my character has and the three little kids that are already there (Taylor, Paolo and Chloe.) there needs to be more kids.

    And can you blame me for wanting these kids to be around? Just look at those faces!


    Edit: It appears to be my timing. The other rivals (Luna and Anissa) Have already been proposed to, but not Julius and Candace. I suppose it would also help if he was home. [​IMG]
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