Harry Pothead And The Halfdead Phoenix

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    Jun 14, 2007
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    I was gonna pick this thing up the moment it was released, but due to geographics some other people on the net did so before me and played it - it sucked white ass (according to them).
    So I was stopped in my tracks like a willing female after seeing my grossly disfigured donkey balls and didn't get it.

    I know what the critics are saying, and I don't give a puke.
    What I wanna knows is what you think of it.
    Remember, you must actually own the game, otherwise I'm not interested in your insane rambles.

    Is it better than the previous titles? Worse? Mediocre? Anus-like?
    Is there any nudity in the game (like that purple haired bitch from the movie that can turn her face into that of any animal - she looks very sexy and exactly like my ex. When she does the pig face thing, off course)?
    Are there any hamsters in the game?
    Can you actually kill Dumblemort?

    Seriously though, I'd like to know what you think of this game after having played it for a while.
    I considered renting it, but that shit costs more than actually buying the game where I live (the commune of Caviar in Paris, France)