hard drive spindown issue

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by icebrg5, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Ok heres the situation.

    I got a 100gb internal hard drive inside a 3.5 external case with its own power supply and 1 usb cord.

    I talked to waninkoko early about hdd spindown issue and he said it should be fixed with rev13.

    So i did the following test with my hard drive.

    Using ciosrev12 i played mario kart.Played the grand prix twice and it frooze in the exact same spot both times.

    (Right before it would start the 2nd race)

    So i figure its the hdd spindown issue.

    So i install Rev13

    Play mario kart again.This time im able to play grand prix all the way through all 4 races without any freezing.

    Im thinking it has fixed it.So to be sure i reinstall ciosRev12 and test again.

    Playing the exact same setup as i did before.Same character,race,car ext..

    This time it doesnt freeze at all.Im able to finish all four races using ciosRev12.

    Now im thinking WTF.

    So i do the pause test with it using ciosRev12.

    I start the grand prix and after finishing 1 lap of the first race i pause it for 20 minutes.

    Start it back up and am able to finish the race and the next race as well.

    Currently im letting the game run without it being paused to see if it goes to sleep that way.

    I can tell when its gonna freeze because the background music cuts out completely when it does and when it does the next time you cross the finish line it freezes.

    I dont know if its spindown issue or what im dealing with.Im starting to think maybe the drive isnt "warmed up" enough or something if that makes any sense.
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    If you're finishing the races in less time than it takes for your drive to go to sleep, then you won't see the issue. And MarioKart doesn't always totally lock up when your drive spins down. What you're looking to do is pause the game just before the finish line.... pause it for 20 minutes or so (longer if your drive takes longer to spin down), then unpause. Upon going through the finish line, if you've got the spindown issue, the game will lock up for a second or two while the drive reawakens. Depending on your drive, you can also just put your hand on the drive to feel if it's stopped spinning, or look at the read led if it has one.

    I can tell you that the problem HAS been fixed in rev13, for sure. I had 2 drives with the spindown issue, and they are 100% fixed by the intermittent reading in rev13.