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  1. Raustin

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    Jun 6, 2016
    Need a little help with my hard drive for my 360.
    Got my 360 elite (phat) rgh'd a few years ago. Had games installed on a USB hard drive and these were both in God format and extracted xex format (using freestyle dash). Hard drive was getting a little full so I decided to upgrade the external to a larger one. Plugged into the xbox and configured it and then transfered over all my games, and this is where I've run into problems.
    God format games still run fine off the USB drive but games extracted via FSD no longer work on the external drive and will only work if I transfer the files over to the internal hdd1. This includes both older games that were installed on the older drive and newer ones extracted now. I can also no longer get xbla games to run. All paths are set up correctly.

    I have heard it mentioned that now xbla and extracted installed games have to be installed on the internal hdd1 drive. Is this true?
    If so, I have a spare 1tb usb drive laying around is there anyway of getting this to be recognised as the internal drive or would I have to buy a new 2.5 drive and pop open the enclosure
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    You can use 3.5 inch drives as internal drives with JTAG/RGH, however assuming it is one of the ones that wants a 12V supply (so most of them) you would have to source 12V from somewhere within it or power it all externally. I should also say the internal drive is pretty tight fitting so unless you want to mod the case then try to avoid the high height laptop drives as well. No chance of duping it into thinking a straight USB is internal though.

    Afraid I am way behind on the specifics here, much less the ones for FSD (xexmenu does for me). For the most part though I always treated XBLA as an internal only affair. I ran plenty of extracted isos and whatnot from an external USB. Do you know what, if any, patching was done to them when you extracted them or what you used to extract them?
  3. Raustin

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    Jun 6, 2016
    For the extracted games I used the disc extract function on FSD which I believe does any patching that is required. Before I used to extract them to the external hard drive and they worked fine but now they don't. If I save them in my games folder on the USB drive they show up in the game library but then when I click to play it displays the "this game can't be started" message, I just have no clue what's changed.
    In the end I know I can install the game using nxe dash then use nxe2god to convert and then move the God version to the external (and this then will play) it's just a pain in the arse that I didn't have to do before.

    Xbla used to work off the external but no longer does. So it would look like I would have to upgrade my phats 120g drive then and keep DLC and XBLA games on there as there doesn't appear to be a way to trick the 360 into thinking the external is the internal drive
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    Does the larger USB drive have a power plug? I've found that most 500gb self powered ones work fine, but the 3 2tb USB drives I have wont run games directly off of them either, and they all use external power. Maybe it's just the size of the drive though too.
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    I'd personally say do everything internally.
    Carries the least problems.
    But if you configured the scanpaths correctly then it should work.
    Extracted games/XBLA don't have to be installed to the internal drive.
    (some multi XBLA and all DLC must be installed to the HDD/360 configured USB tho as it's the only place the game looks for)

    What are your dashlaunch settings?
  6. Raustin

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    Jun 6, 2016
    @brickmii82 think you might be onto something there. Plugged in and installed the old 1tb drive and let the 360 format it and now the games that FSD had extracted in xex format now work when they are installed on the external drive.
    Both the 1tb and 2tb have a separate power supply, does anyone recommend any 2tb usb powered drives that they know works with the 360 and will load all game formats (as mentioned mine are a mix of xex and God format)