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    Sep 19, 2009
    May seem silly question, but after wasting many discs trying to get neo gamma to work i finally took advice and set up a usb hard drive it launches through homebrew and all pesonal discs back up and play sweet, but ive come across a site and got some iso,s in pal format have loaded them to hard drive and they show up and let me download covers too, but only one will play the game, so am i doing something wrong by thinking they should just play or should i be scrubbing them or doind somthing to the files first and that means the one working one i have i was just lucky with??? do i need to change any setting like i did to get neo gamma to ver 14?? as followed the guide on here for that and changed some of the settings by following the set up video, or am i just using the wrong site, on the wii ive tried changing the boot iso to 222 and told it to force pal and well tried all but games wont play..and all the games that failed neo gamma also wont play via usb if that helps

    thanks in advance, and hope ive posted this in the right place

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    Just add the games to your HD either using WBFS manager or via DVD, make sure to set the correct settings for the games(some games dont work with 249, some need 002 Error fix to ON, some to ANTI, some needs language set to Japanese... depends on the game).

    Other than that Hermes cIOS 222, 223 37/ 36 is needed for the best compatibility.

    It doesnt matter where you dl the ISO files as long as they arenĀ“t corrupted or stuff...