Happy holiday somewhere, let's hunt some sports games.

Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by FAST6191, Jul 22, 2016.

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    Do you like collecting old games? Do you visit flea markets, charity shops, car boot sales, yard sales and so forth looking for them? Are you sick of only finding sports games on most visits? Do you have a few units of currency to spend on something silly? If so this is the thread for you.

    Premise. Go to one of the sorts of things, if you are really boring you can do it at an electronics boutique or some other high street game shop, and buy a game, a whole stack of sports games or maybe even the lot.

    If you are feeling destructive then do that and share the results
    If you are feeling masochistic then maybe play the thing and share the results with us. If you like then you can pretend to be gaming on the cheap that week.
    If you are feeling creative then build a nice stack of them or make a stop motion animation video or something
    If you want to covertly film the events to get the results on camera as you walk up with the sports games and see the clerk's jaw drop then even better.

    Short version let us lessen the scourge of sports games out there in the world. Also accepted are singing and dance games if they are also the sorts of things that litter shelves where you are at.

    Bonus points for oddest find in such places -- fifa and madden are easy, some out of region game for a sport not popular around you though.

    If you find a rare and hard to come by sports game ( http://www.racketboy.com/retro/sports/the-rarest-and-most-valuable-sport-games ) in one of these places and feel like some destruction then super bonus points.

    Normally I would have led by example but maybe later.
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    Considering my most most recent purchase, this thread is calling me here.
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