Happy AKAIO-Fool's Day

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Another World, Apr 2, 2009.

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    [​IMG] Happy AKAIO-Fool's Day
    Thanks for playing!

    Yes, the AKAIO + Menudo Team Acekard purchase was an April fool’s joke. Did you get fooled?

    I have been a proponent of the AKAIO firmware and all of the Acekard products for sometime. The official GBATemp #acekard IRC channel has allowed me to become friends with many cool people. Those people helped to bring this about…

    Ohsix mentioned a great idea for a Icon based view mode. Vaguerant did a quick mock up, which I used as the screen capture in the joke. Normmatt, myself, and SoulAnger have an ongoing, very friendly, discussion about Menudo. All of a sudden the joke came together: use the screen capture which spawned from one idea, merge it with AKAIO and claim it is Menudo. In one quick post I have confused the AKAIO lovers, Menudo followers, SoulAnger fans, Fanboys, Haters, and general Flash Linker users.

    If you believed it or not, I hope you enjoyed this joke. I hope it sparked some type of emotional response. I thank all of the staff members who played along, none of whom knew I was going to make the post. Thanks to Norm, Smiths, and Gelu for your code!

    Happy AKAIO-Fool’s Day!!

    -Another World

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