Hank Williams Sr.

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    Well, I usually listen to metal music, but years ago (Before I started listening to metal), when I first went with my grandfather up to our camp for a weekend with some of his friends, as well as friends of my uncles, who also went, he put in a CD of Hank Williams Sr...I was young at the time (Probably 8 or 9), and I didn't really know much about other music, but I liked it. Every year since then, when we go up to our camp in Clearfield, PA, he puts the CD in and keeps in on until we get there (He has other CDs with other music of that genre though, and we listen to those too). It's amazing how a completely different genre can stick with me through these years, even though I mainly listen to metal...

    I never thought I'd say this, but I like country music (Just not the modern crap like Taylor Swift or stupid shit like that where every single song is about getting your heart broken).

    Share your opinions, and please try to keep them positive. If you don't like him, don't post...
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    I like a bit of country once in a while, not to listen to it for a long time but they're mostly quite catchy songs so you won't get bored listening to them. I don't really know any artists within the genre, but I do know certain songs.
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    Like his music a lot, I'm not fond of this Taylor Swift or Garth Brooks wank that sort of stuff is just Country Pop to me.

    Hank & Johnny Cash (if you bypass his 80's stuff) is what I would call proper country music. Loved Ray Charles country years too.