Hanging out in Edinburgh

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    Nov 4, 2006
    Sooooooo, yeah, I'm staying here for a year (studying at university) and I was wondering what place do you guys know that are good to hang around. I dismissed the fresher's week as I'm tired of the "oh yes me be from X there weather be better/worse, we study bla bla its so hard bla bla bla". When you've spent the time I've spent travelling, it isn't funny no more.

    Anyway, I live close to the city centre (I think), 10 minutes walk to George Square, I got myself a student card with discounts for the shangai club, something called "the golf", and some other thing called "the illicit still aberdeen". I enjoy pubs the most but I also like going out clubbing.

    Also, is there any cheaper way to get booze other than those "wine" shops? They seem pretty cheap compared with prices in bars and pubs but still expensive for someone used to Spanish prices. Is that the cheapest you can get round here?