Halo Reach: Prometheus mod Version 0.3 release

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Halo Reach Prometheus is a overhaul of Halo Reach that is built upon Reach Evolved.
The AI has been reworked for friends and enemys, and every single campaign encounter edited.
Player stats changed for movement, health, shields, and armor abilities.
Has a separate sister Reshade preset called Torpedo
  • Armor Abilities have been edited. Some have limited uses, and some like the new Berserk ability are entirely new to Halo.
  • Jump height is 15% higher and the walking/running speed uses Halo: Combat Evolved's values, just like in Reach Evolved.
  • New movement speeds of 0.6 walk speed, 2.4 max movement forward, and 2.2 max movement for strafe and backpedal. Crouch speed has been increased as well. Acceleration adjusted to compensate for smoothness. This allows the player to be much more mobile in every direction and keep up with the new pace of the Prometheus mod's combat.
  • Health and shields have been increased to 100/100. Health increments have been reworked to function around the 25 health increments of Halo Reach while working around the new 100 maximum health value, allowing 4 health regeneration points over the original Reach's 3. The player now has more effective health to work with when low on shields, making health matter more and giving more freedom of movement in a fight, given the longer range combat of Prometheus.
  • Most sounds adjusted using extensive "ugh!" and "snd!" tag editing to give Reach a richer and wider soundscape. Assault Rifles will sound lower pitched, suppressed weapons will sound higher pitched, and so on.
  • Carry up to 4 of each type of grenade, and frag grenades only explode "when at rest" like they do in Reach Evolved. Grenades, along with most explosions, have had changed sounds and effects to enhance their destructive capabilities.
  • Almost every single encounter in the campaign has been edited around the new enemy behavior and new weapons. The vast majority of dev-time for this mod has been encounter changes. Expect a lot of surprises throughout each level, especially in the second half.
  • Edited view model positions for all weapons, similar to Reach Evolved.
  • All difficulties rebalanced. Easy mode easier than default halo with reductions to damage and behavior, whereas Legendary is far more difficult where I've tuned up AI behavior in every category I could think of. Each difficulty should give a unique experience, where AI exhibit new actions and routines with each increased difficulty mode.

Weapons (New to Prometheus):
  • Bullseye Rifle: Accurate automatic rifle that uses stabilization jets and higher caliber bullets, at the cost of smaller magazine size. Most similar to the Halo
    3/Reach/4 default Assault Rifle, but with greater effectiveness at longer range. Has lower DPS at close range than most other Assault Rifles in Prometheus.
  • Commando Rifle: Assault Rifle variant based loosely on the Halo Infinite trailer weapon. 20 round magazine AR with headshot capability. Has a 2x zoom and increased damage over the other Assault Rifles per shot.
  • Buzzsaw Rifle: Extremely high rate of fire that slows as the trigger is held. Best use in close quarters. Nicknamed the Buzzsaw for its signature sound. An older weapon, popular with insurrectionists and militia.
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle: Used for covert operations. Uses a burst fire function with high damage, but becomes very inaccurate at long range when fired rapidly.
  • XBR: Older variant of the Battle Rifle with a much larger 60 round magazine size and a 5 round burst. Much less accurate than the standard BR, with slightly less damage per bullet, but overall much higher damage at closer range.
  • Heavy DMR: 3x zoom. Headshot weapon. Fires highly lethal anti-armor rounds that do heavy damage to shields and armor.
  • Stealth DMR: 5x zoom. Headshot weapon. Suppressed variant with smaller magazine size and slower projectile speed, designed for scouting and infiltration.
  • Harkonnen: Anti-armor rifle with powerful AoE properties. 1 round magazine.
  • Hailstorm Pistol: 2x zoom. Headshot weapon, 8 round magazine. Moderately-high damage, but very inaccurate when automatic fire is used. Popular with civilian security forces.
  • Automag: 3x zoom. Suppressed headshot weapon. Moderately-high damage, and accuracy is highest when pacing shots. Hold trigger for automatic fire. Valued by ODST as a versatile and robust sidearm.
  • Range Shotgun - A shotgun with longer effective range and a 2x scope. Does more damage to shields and armor, but less to health. 4 round magazine.
  • Boneduster - Extremely powerful shotgun with the effective damage of 3 default shotgun shells in a single shot. 2 round magazine.
  • Ardent Lancer: Similar to the Halo 2/3/4 Carbine, with an 18 round magazine, rapid fire rate, and headshot capability. While the model is based on the Needle Rifle, this weapon cannot supercombine.
  • Ardent Rifle: A plasma rifle with reversed values for fire rate (Has very fast fire rate at start of trigger pull which slows down as you hold the trigger). Very effective for bursting shields at close range, but less effective than the Plasma Rifle at medium range or longer.
  • Ardent Enforcer: Automatic covenant shotgun with wide spread and multiple projectiles per shot. Reloads 6 shots per charge.
  • Ardent Plasma Spate: A variant of the Brute Plasma Spate that fires multiple rounds per trigger pull. It is much less accurate however, and overheats much faster.
  • Twilight Needler: Burst fire with great effectiveness and tracking at medium range. Multiple projectiles in an
    unshielded target will cause an explosion. Often the sidearm of choice for covenant marksmen.
  • Harbinger Needler: Short range powerhouse, can supercombine in a single burst. Limited tracking and magnetism compared to other Needler variants.
  • Twilight Rifle: 2x zoom. Double-barrel headshot weapon best suited for short-mid range combat. Favored by Covenant infiltration units. Cannot super-combine.
  • Demon Shaker: Fires concentrated bursts of plasma. Powerful up close against infantry and light vehicles. Loses accuracy at range.
  • Torcher: Flamethrower. Devastating vs infantry and light vehicles at all ranges.
  • Mulcher: High capacity spike machine gun. Powerful against unshielded targets with slowing effect. Spikes reflect off some shields and surfaces.
  • And more!

Weapons (Default in Halo Reach, but edited for Reach Evolved or Prometheus):

  • MA37 Assault Rifle is mostly identical to Reach Evolved stats but now has a 48 round magazine to help separate it from the many new ARs available in Prometheus.
  • M6G Magnum is now the XM6D, a prototype of the famous Halo 1 Pistol, much as in Reach Evolved, but with some changes: 12 round magazine, full-auto capability like in CE, and extremely high damage and bullet magnetism. One of the best medium range headshot weapons in the game, but lower fire rate makes it much more risky at close range or when shots are missed.
  • M392 DMR is now the M392 Battle Rifle: 3x magnification, 3-round bursts, zero-bloom, and a sage-green numbers plate like in the Reach Beta, much like Reach Evolved, however the damage is increased to help combat the new threats of Prometheus.
  • Needle Rifle has a 4x magnification and triple the damage per shot than standard Reach NR, but has a slower rate of fire, more aggressive bloom, and only a magazine size of 12 needles. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Plasma Repeater is now the Plasma Spate: 5-round burst plasma weapon that works well in close-mid range firefights. Also uses a new dark-blue color scheme. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Plasma Rifle's damage has been buffed to Combat Evolved levels of power, and it uses a color scheme that's reminiscent of the CE variant. View model
    positions akin to CE counterpart. Projectile speed slightly decreased from Reach Evolved.
  • Plasma Pistol view model positions akin to CE counterpart, and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Projectile speed slightly increased from Reach Evolved.
  • Needler's supercombine damage significantly nerfed and takes 8 needles to supercombine instead of 6, but is now able to embed into energy shields
    and hunter armor, as in Reach Rebalanced and Reach Evolved.
  • Concussion Rifle received a 50% damage buff. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Shotgun has blue sights and has increased damage and more notably significantly decreased minimum damage at long range. All shotguns are much more effective in medium range combat. Default shotgun has 6 rounds per magazine, as in Reach Evolved and vanilla Reach.
  • Sniper Rifle fires about as fast as the Halo 1 and Halo 2 variants, but its heavy vehicle damage has been significantly reduced. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Rocket Launcher now locks on to ground vehicles as well as aircraft a la the Halo 2 variant. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Spartan Laser has one extra shot, giving it 5 total like its Halo 3 counterpart. Damage has been massively increased. First appears near the end of ONI Sword Base.
  • Energy Sword can melee immediately upon switching to it like in Halo 2. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Plasma Launcher has its Halo: Reach Beta targeting values and charge-up times, as it does in Reach Evolved. Additionally, it fires 3 plasma grenades in an airburst-style pattern, making it deadly vs vehicles, air vehicles, and heavy infantry. Moves the camera to a third person perspective, like other support weapons.
  • Focus Rifle has twice the damage, but twice the ammo consumption and overheats twice as fast.
Weapons (Exclusive to Reach Evolved):
  • Prototype Plasma Caster: Concussion Rifle variant equipped with two firing modes: standard shot that has its projectile airburst after bouncing once, and a charged shot that fires a stronger tracking round at a very high velocity, and it can stick to anything. However, it costs double the ammo to fire. Identical to Reach Evolved (with small HUD edits), but used in many more encounters.
  • Fuel Rod Gun now takes heavy inspiration from the Combat Evolved variant: battery-powered, dark-purple color scheme, a more pronounced arc for the projectile, and a wider firing spread. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • The Brute Plasma Spate. Fires fully-automatic with less accuracy, slow RoF, and worse heat regulation, but has way more stopping power than the Elite variant. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Spiker is now the Eviscerator: a fully-automatic Brute shotgun that fires 5 spikes per shot. Projectiles travel further than their Reach Evolved version to enhance effectiveness at medium range.

  • All vehicles received a 50% base health increase.
  • All vehicle health is separate from player health. Vehicle damage is no longer transferred to player health. Players must receive damage directly to their model to receive damage when in a vehicle now. Watch vehicle health carefully, as it matters more than it did in vanilla Reach.
  • Warthog Chaingun received an accuracy buff, returning it to its Halo 3-era settings. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • Troop Transport Warthog has its own segment on the ONI Sword Base mission, much as in Reach Evolved, but in addition, multiple warthogs will greet you at the start of the vehicle segment, along with multiple Pelicans to bring in reinforcements.
  • Mounted Machine Gun Turret received an accuracy and damage buff, but at the cost of a slow start-up time, returning it to its Halo 3-era settings. Two more have been added at the end of The Package.
  • Rocket Warthog fires in a new faster firing pattern, but no longer has lock-on or tracking properties.
  • Falcon Chin Gun is now fully automatic with an overheat function, as in Reach Evolved.
  • The Sabre section of the Prometheus mod has been entirely reworked, with new firing patterns for Sabre weapons, new flight patterns for Seraphs, new spawn patterns for enemies, and much much more.
  • The Spirit dropship has its own projectile now, akin to its CE counterparts. Identical to Reach Evolved.
    Phantom gun varies between missions, which gives more variety in dropship guns during fights.
  • The Revenant is now the Apparition, a mobile Covenant Flamethrower platform that does massive
    damage to infantry, but has a worse heavy vehicle matchup. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • The Ghost fires at a faster fire rate and does more damage; uses Halo 2 values. Identical to Reach Evolved.
  • The Wraith has two automated AI plasma cannons just like Reach Evolved, however, it also has a new destructible turret in place of it's old rotating manned turret for additional firepower at medium range. Plasma Mortar damage output is nerfed, but has a slightly faster fire rate.
  • The Badger is a new vehicle, a modified Reach pickup truck with a burst fire EMP grenade launcher mounted on the back with a limited 180 degree rotation. Light but powerful, it functions as an in-between of the Mongoose and the Warthog.

  • Many Reach Evolved changes are retained, but with some changes.
    • Elite Generals now use a bright orange color scheme to set them apart from Majors and the original Reach Zealot colors.
    • Elite Zealot Champions now use not only Energy Swords, but other weapons as the campaign progresses through later levels.
    • Elites can now dual wield many weapons that were dual wield-able in other Halo games, as well as some of the new weapons.
    • Friendly Spartan-IIIs outside of NOBLE Team are present throughout the campaign to assist the player, starting on ONI Sword Base.
    • ODSTs are featured more prominently on some levels like Exodus and New Alexandria.

  • AI has been tuned up in more categories than I can comfortably list here, but here are a few of the changes:
  • All AI fire at greater ranges as in Reach Rebalanced.
  • Grunts panic as in vanilla reach, but are now faced in greater numbers, allowing their panic to be more infectious, especially when faced with multiple members of NOBLE Team. Grunts will often need leader units like Elites or Brutes to keep them disciplined and following orders. Grunts will throw grenades more recklessly, but higher ranked Grunts will be more accurate with grenades and less prone to friendly fire.
  • Jackals shield phalanx tighter than before, and Jackal Majors are very difficult to stumble even with sustained fire. Jackals will strafe, and move at Halo 3 speeds. Jackals will occasionally break formation and retreat if panicked, or push aggressively towards the player if the fight is going in their favor. Jackal snipers can leap large distances, like their Skirmisher counterparts.
  • Skirmishers are more evasive and mobile than ever, and can leap across incredible gaps to find new firing positions. Higher ranked skirmishers use arm bracers, and Skirmisher Champions use a combination of an arm bracer as well as a jackal major shield. All skirmishers may use hologram.
  • Elites are very evasive, and throw grenades more accurately. These traits are increased with higher ranked elites. Elites will attempt to flank the player or reposition if their squad is losing a fight.
  • Hunters can now do short leap to cover points, increasing their mobility, inspired by their Halo Wars 1 passive dodge.
  • Drones are featured more prominently in the campaign, added in wherever Reach's navmeshes support them.
  • Friendly troopers will throw grenades and suppress more effectively.
  • ODST are very durable and will do their best to go toe-to-toe with Brutes and higher tier enemies.
  • Spartan-IIIs throughout the campaign will hijack vehicles, swap weapons depending on range, melee, jump to cover, and so on, replicating many player behaviors.
  • NOBLE Team has been enhanced with new weapons that fit each character's personality and fit each level's encounters, with all of the changes to the added Spartan-IIIs and more.

Credits and Shoutouts:
  • TheVengeful Vadam: For allowing me to use Reach Evolved as a base for my mod, without that mod this mod would have never existed to begin with. Everything from his weapons, enemy changes, view model changes, and so on were an incredible starting point for me to continue to refine the Reach sandbox. I can't imagine the amount of work he had to put in starting from scratch with the original Reach sandbox as a basis.
  • Lord Zedd: Without Assembly, Hybrid Mod would not exist. I have Lord Zedd and the Assembly team to thank for that. Additionally, he's saved my mod from being deleted by updates twice now!
  • AStickTree | SirenSorrento: Many a sleepless night was accompanied by me asking this fellow way too many questions. Much of the early development of the mod dating back to as far as four months ago was due to their help and patience in assisting a newer Halo modder like myself.
  • Ruby of Blue: Many ideas from Reach Rebalanced were in Reach Evolved, which extends to my mod as well. Additionally, new similar content like the extended ranges for combat and lots of tweaked AI came about as a result of playing their campaign mod and building off of those ideas. Campaign rebalances and overhauls are often an iterative process in these types of communities, which makes me hopeful that someday someone else will make a mod that builds off of all three of these campaign mods with even more new features, haha.
  • Halo Mods Discord: Too many people to list, but so many have helped with this mod through feedback, troubleshooting, and more from this discord. Sometimes it was as simple as me posting in the #modding-showoff channel and someone responding "hey that looks cool" and sometimes that simple kind gesture is enough to keep me working. There are too many of you to comfortably list here, but know that I see everything everyone has posted on my mod over the months, good and bad, and your feedback is appreciated.
  • BestSakuyaNA Discord: As always with all of my projects, overwhelming support from my existing stream community and close friends. More specifically, w00se, science, and Kataiser have been dealing with my antics for over a decade, and were only too happy to test my latest creations on stream over and over.
  • 343: For making MCC and making it possible to have Halo Reach on the PC to begin with.
  • I'd like to also thank the people I have not yet mentioned who TheVengefulVadam has credited with helping to make Reach Evolved a reality, which in turn laid the groundwork for and inspired this mod, which includes:
    Gamecheat13, JJIJR, AltSierra117, and Tillice.
  • Additionally, thank you to my Twitch viewers, followers, and subscribers, who have stuck with me in a drought of content as I started working on Hybrid Mod. Continuing to resubscribe and donate for all 6 months of devtime even when I only had the time to stream at most once every two weeks on average is the kind of support that I couldn't imagine when starting development on this mod. I really can't put into words how much I appreciate that kind of support. I hope this mod's release in some small way makes me worthy of your level of support.

With every ounce of my appreciation,
~Best Sakuya NA

Known Bugs:
  • Energy Sword on ONI Sword Base should be gold, not blue.
  • Emile vanishes briefly during a cutscene on Pillar of Autumn.
  • Elite Sword animations on Dual Wield Elites are bugged (does not affect gameplay functions, purely visual).
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