Halo Reach Leaked Online 1 Month Early

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  1. YayMii

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    [​IMG] Halo Reach Leaked Online 1 Month Early
    XBL Marketplace download system circumvented

    Continuing in the sad tradition of Halo 2 and 3 before it, Halo: Reach has apparently been leaked. Modders at *Game-Tuts.com* found a way to trick Microsoft's servers, which are currently hosting the full game download. The download is intended for select media and only accessible with a code -- well, until *a member at Game-Tuts* apparently cracked that security measure. The site has yet to openly leak the files to the general public.

    It appears that the game is leaking other places as well. At least one video released shows off a tour of Forge in the game's Firefight mode, and spoilers for the game can be found everywhere from Bungie's official forums to NeoGAF (if you really want to see them, you can find them yourself).

    While Microsoft and Bungie will be hosting the usual slate of Halo review events around the world in the coming weeks, it appeared as though the companies were relaxing around the usually tightly-controlled media access to the series by uploading the game to Xbox Live. Unfortunately, the system proved vulnerable to the insatiable demand for Halo, which facilitated another early game leak for this high profile franchise.

    Update: A Microsoft spokesperson told Joystiq, "We are aware of claims being made regarding a security exploit related to Halo: Reach and are aggressively investigating the matter. We have no further details to share at this time."[/p]
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  2. jonesman99

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    wow... that is sad for them, and im not even a Halo fan or player. Wish em well.
  3. SPH73

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    Getting leaked early didn't seem to effect these games. Its all just hype in the end. And spoilers are available for pretty much every major upcoming movie, even TV shows. (games really aren't any different.) This is just the way things are. Its doesn't mean anything in the end. Its all just hype. Pirates would have downloaded the game anyway, fans are still going to buy millions of copies, and here we are talking about Halo: Reach?, launching everywhere on September 15th. Click here to pre-order your copy today!
  4. Goli

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    Affect, not effect.
    And yeah, it probably won't affect it too much. Besides it already has a kabillion preorders so...
  5. Canonbeat234

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    Personally, I'm not feeling sorry for Microsoft. That business is a billion dollar corporation and you can't tell me with all money that couldn't protect that asset of theirs with a security that's as protected as the security for Windows product? No one couldn't even release Windows 7 early before it officially came out.

    So once again, I'm not sympathizing their carelessness for something could have been prevented with a few tweaks of security measures. Next time when hide a virus inside the game before it comes out? *shrugs*
  6. Slyakin

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    Wait, so by download, it means illegally, or through the Marketplace?

    I don't pay attention to my Xbox anymore.
  7. luke_c

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    As the original poster pointed out, this has already been posted and the discussion should take place here

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