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    Chavo is about to go full Black Ice Final Fantasy XIII here for a second.

    I hate this. I'm done hearing the name Locke. As a fan of the Halo series since I was a kid, I am done with 343 and the Halo series at this point. Locke is the set up character 343 has shoehorned into the main plot to basically replace chief. He even pretty much came out and said Halo 5 was going to be mostly about himself. I'm so done at this point, 343 slaughtered my franchise with halo 4, and are just piling on garbage after garbage on its beaten corpse. They killed off Cortana, they're basically killing chief, and they've killed Halo. /sodonewiththisshitrightnow
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    You say they killed off Cortana, but isnt it like a well established fact that AIs cant last for more than 7 years at best before going rampant? I read the books, granted, never actually played the campaigns for the games. They make notes about Cortana feeling the effects of early early rampancy when she absorbs the Halo data from Installation 04 in the first game/book. A few books later she spins off a partial copy that can multiply and it goes rampant in under a few hours in the covenant system.

    PS I thought that 343 did a good job with 4... am I wrong? :P
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