Halo Nascar Red Rings!

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    From Kotaku


    "With the release of Halo 3 just days away the ultimate faceoff went down over the weekend at the Dover Speedway: Halo 3 took on the Wii in the form of a NASCAR racing pitting Greg Biffle versus David Stremme.

    Exactly 306 laps into the 440 lap race Stremme's number 40 car blew its engine and sidelined the racer. No, I'm not making that up: The Halo car got a red ring of death.

    Meanwhile Biffle's Wii mobile landed a respectable fourth place. Ouch."
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    Nice! xD

    Btw , the photos look like models , does somebody knows how much they cost and where to buy them ?
    They sure would make my room look amazing. ^^
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    halo 3 is teh loser [​IMG]
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    I made this for Gaf. Too good to waste [​IMG]