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    ok. so i know the whole halo ds thing is old etc. BUT.... ive never seen videos of it before or anything (everyone else probably has). so i just saw these videos for the first time:


    there are 2 videos at that link.

    my question is, since there is *at least* one copy of that game floating around somewhere, what are the chances of that being dumped/leaked? i would love to play it
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    there are at least two copies of the game. Matt at IGN has one and his buddy has another. Matt's blog at IGN has more info. of course, it's possible that Matt dumped his own copy and they were both using that....who knows?
  3. amptor

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    looks cool but I doubt it'll be leaked unless someone else has it. this almost reminds me of the pokemon sidescroller photos which was a direct hack and bootleg cartridge sold in China of the smurfs game for gameboy color that some asian guy posted and absolutely refused to dump. I think later on a group managed to get a copy and dump it. But in the halo situation, apparantly this is not a bootleg cart and the chances of seeing a dump are more slim due to that. A shame really, but so goes things...
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    Jul 22, 2007
    If this plays like the other fps' on the DS, like MPH and Brothers in Arms, how does the duel wielding work? and what button would you press to pick up weapons.