Halo 3 on Gizmodo

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Sep 25, 2007

Halo 3 on Gizmodo by moozxy at 4:53 PM (642 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    Anyone else see the video on Gizmodo with Brian Lam?
    I'm not much of a Halo fan so I didn't care too much, but I know a couple of guys in my school who are..
    So you know, I did what was necessary [​IMG]
    I know it's kinda harsh but... they did spoil Harry Potter for me, so I think it's a suitable pay-back [​IMG]

    Watch Video here! WARNING! Contains SPOILERS at the very end so if you want to watch the start (it's pretty funny) cover your ears after he says "I hate Halo Fanboys" [​IMG]

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