Half A Minute Hero 2 (Yūsha 30 Second) English Patch

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  1. ChepChep

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    Translation Team
    Programmer: ChepChep
    Translator: Ignis00

    • Geoff: For giving me a PSP assembly tutorial and answering all my stupid questions.
    • Kelebek: For helping me extending the eboot.bin

    Translation Status
    • 95% Stalled

    Patch Download
    • Y30S_Patch_v1.0.2.xdelta (Link)

    I am announcing the release of an English patch for the PSP game Half A Minute Hero 2 (Yūsha 30 Second). The English patch translates through the base game.

    The patch is supplied as is and we have no obligation to fix and/or maintain the patch. Use the patch at your own risk.

    We wanted to release this patch to the PSP community just in case we get hit by a bus or a beer truck. You never know what will happen.

    We have no plans to fix anything else in the game. To the best of our knowledge, there is no major game breaking bugs left in the main game. The patch has been tested on PPSSPP and the PSP hardware with 6.61 Pro-C. Multiplayer does not work and crashes. If any game breaking bugs occurs in the main game that we missed we may consider fixing it if we have time.

    This was suppost to be a "quick" translation but turned into a 1.5 year project. I almost dropped it but used it to learn ASM programming on th PSP. We had to add variable width font and also increase character display size from 39 to 64+ chars. This took about 6 months to extended since we had memory pointer hell. This was a very fun project but we have moved onto other projects at this point.

    We also have no plans to translate the DLC.

    Instruction to patch the game

    1) You need to dump your UMD, or use this release : Yuusha_30_Second_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUT (Filename: b-yuu302.iso)
    2) Download the patch
    3) Download xdelta UI
    4) Backup ISO
    5) Run xdelta UI
    6) Patch Half A Minute Hero 2 iso with Y30S_Patch_v1.0.0.xdelta in xdelta UI
    7) Either use a PSP emulator or download to PSP and enjoy

    ISO Information
    • ULJS-00332
    • Yuusha_30_Second_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUT
    • b-yuu302.iso
    • 369 MB
    • CRC: 82FA459D

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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  2. chaos_envoys

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    May 14, 2015
    Wow, nice surpise! Loved the first game, and didn't know that there's a sequel! Thanks for the translation!!
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    Thank you @ChepChep , ignis and friends.
  4. Boondock Saint

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    May 9, 2016
    I made an account just to say thanks for this monumental work you guys did on this translation.... also to report an error that at least I am getting on ppsspp... after beating ch07 and the Maze Dungeon, after picking an option to change continents and watching a custcene... the game just stays black, now I haven't yet tested it on an actual psp but I could present my savegame right before picking the continent option for testing https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7Blr6jhEokkdUg5dHhvcUpzSm8
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  6. ChepChep

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    I got a fix for the bug... It was a typo in a file where I converted a number to ASCII instead of SHIFT-JIS. I thought I had gotten them all. Hopefully there are not anymore. If so just send me the save file again and I will track it down.

    Somehow I missed merging 5 or 6 files that caused the issue. Should be fixed.

    Here is the new patch with the fix:

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  7. NicoBlogs

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    Heh we are useful after all somehow.
  8. raulpica

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    So what's not translated in the Patch? I started this on PC but somehow it never felt right playing it on there and I really wanted to try the PSP version.

    Also, any differences between the PC version and the PSP one? (missing content, DLCs, etc)

    Thanks :yaypsp:
  9. ChepChep

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    Feb 9, 2011
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    There really is not much difference between PC and PSP version but for some reason the PC version also feels "wrong" when playing. The game really shines on the PSP.

    As far as translation,the 5% not done is in some images that were difficult to fix and also some hard coded text in ASM. We got all the stuff you need to get through the game and understand what is going on. Most you will never notice...
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  10. Belmondo

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    wow this is great. Thank you for your work on this.