Had any horrible accidents?

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    Last week I went food shopping and spotted some cider a mate had recommended. Special offer an all, 5 for however much it was. Then I was bringing the shopping in when I slipped on the wet tiles, landed on my bag full of bottles of cider, smashed two of them and cut a gash right across my finger. Pissed blood aal over the shop and when I ran it under the tap I got a very educational view of muscles, fat and tendons so I had to spend the 4 hours in a&e getting it stitched back together.

    Reading the local paper in the waiting room my horoscope said "Purchases at lunchtime are not the bargain they seem."

    I then discovered that trying to wash your left armpit without using your right hand makes you look like a right donut.

    Got the stitches out yesterday and realised when I got back that I now have no feeling down the right hand side of my finger which feels really horrible. Reckon I'll ever get that back? [​IMG]
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    Probably... and when the feeling returns it's going to itch like hell, and you won't be able to scratch it.
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    Rayder that has gotta hurt
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    I've got a few...

    • When I was 3, my sister threw a potty at my head -- It was a metal one, thank goodness brand new as well. It split my skull open and I had to get staples in my head to keep it together.

    • Later on, when I was 7, I was walking along the ledge of the couch (I don't know why), that same sister walked by me, pushed me forward, and I flew face first into my dad's Computer Desk and smashed my face on his printer. Got a hole right through my face into my mouth -- Thank goodness it missed my teeth!

    • At 12, I was playing over at a friend's place before he was moving. It was my friend and I on one side of the room, and another friend and his dad on the other side. We were throwing a ball back and forth, and my friend's dad threw it a little too hard at me. When I caught it, it sent me back a few inches, but I tripped on a brick behind me, and nearby was a broken cat cage with 2 large vertical metal 'spikes' sticking out of it. I fell onto it, and the 2 spikes pierced through my right arm, tearing almost right through. My right arm's forearm muscles are now completely destroyed, and I'm left with 2 5" scars on it.

    • At 13, at home things were hectic. My sister (^see above) was on the phone with her boyfriend, and at the same time being a bitch to me, so I unplugged her phone. She knew I did it, and threw the phone at me. Broke my finger. 10 minutes later, she was freaking out, shaking, and making herself some tea. My 2 little brothers were screaming at each other, and I yelled at them to shut up, and my sister snapped. She lunged the pot of boiling water at me. My immediate reaction was to rip my shirt off so it didn't melt onto my skin (was a polyester shirt), and then ran for the bathtub so I could roll around in cold water. It burned so badly. The ambulance was called right away, my sister was taken away to young people's jail (she was 15), and I was in the hospital for a week with second degree burns covering my entire upper body. Now I'm so sensitive to temperature that I can't take hot showers anymore.

    It's funny, my sister the total wench is now one of my best friends [​IMG]
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    I am suprised some of you still function, none of mine are quite so fun but.

    Left forefinger, top of it electrocuted repairing a TV: no feeling left along right side (which is actually an improvement from none).
    left hip: skateboard fall (hung up during a switch early grab contest with friends if anyone wondered), hurts like hell whenever it gets cold and occasionally pops sending me floorwards fast.
    left wrist: healing (not helped by falls since) intra articular fracture (only diagnosed break/fracture as well)
    left wrist 2: hit a knot when sawing for a ramp, blade jumped: two small parallel scars. Tendons are now long again which is nice.
    left leg: several scars in tissue and on knee itself from some womans mugging attempt using a dog.
    right knee: tendons can be a bit dodgy from someones attempt to put my knee out.
    Both kneecaps have a nice bit of gas below them.
    right elbow: teeth shaped scars from retaliation to above.
    teeth: several caps from various causes.
    Boths elbows have extensive scars from countless falls.
    right shoulder: currently hurts, pops all the time when moving
    ears: internal scarring from infection: serious loss of hearing.
    right torso: someone thought it would be fun to hit me with reeds, some minor scars.
    shins: between bikes and hockey shinbones resemble a backbone.
    road rash from various falls from bikes, a word to the wise: pushing out dirt from under exposed skin is not nice so wear some decent clothes at dirt jumps/tracks.
    Palms of hands: left especially, fell on glass several years ago and circulation was never quite the same again. Impact causes a nice bit of internal bleeding as well. Some scarring present.
    "razor" bruises on heels/feet but they are pretty much healed at this time.

    Injury today: I accidently caught a hot screwdriver that was falling so I have some nice burns on my left fingers.

    Some pulled muscles aside (I cool off in about 3 minutes it seems) I have avoided back trouble.
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    Apr 22, 2007
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    Age 2 I swallowed a piece of metal and my mum had to put her fingers down my throat to pull it out
    Age 4 I split my head open after falling off a swing
    Age 4 I did the same thing falling off a slide
    Age 6 I was hit by a car and broke my wrist, my leg and my jaw
    Age 9 I had a garden-fork stuck clean through my foot
    Age 11 I ruptured a huge amount of my gluteus maximus (butt cheek) and spent 6 months in hospital and a further 7 months on crutches (that was the worst one)
    Age 13 I was hit by another car and broke my leg and fractured some ribs (pissed me off coz I'd just recently got off my crutches) [​IMG]

    That's it! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    jeez what are you doing? jumping in front of cars? [​IMG]
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    My first major injury was when I was 4, my family was moving and my dad (the retard that he is) was using a paint scraper (a very large blade) to pull nails out of the wall. He was supposed to be watching me but he was instead watching the stolen HBO we got on our TV. Not paying attention to anything but the TV, he swung the blade behind him without checking to see what I was. I was coming up behind him to tap him on the back and ask him to make me something to eat. He hit me right across the left side of my face right next to my nose, across my cheek and lip. Another fraction of an inch to the right and he would have taken my nose off, a fraction of an inch to the left and he would have taken my eye out. He freaked out, grabbed our neighbor and took me to the hospital. They stitched me up, and I would have been fine, except that I was apparently allergic to the material that the stitches were made of, which caused the entire side of my face to swell up and become very painful. The stitches couldn't stay in for very long because of this and were very painful to remove. It also helped leave a nice scar on my face so I have had to answer "Where did you get that scar from?" for the last 20 years.

    The next one was when I was 7, my mom was trying to take the TV out of my room because I was being a jerky kid. Of course she tried to move it when it was hooked up to about 3 different game systems. I kept mouthing off to her as she was trying to move the TV and she chucked the TV at me which landed on my knee and shattered the cartilage disc in into a million pieces. It hurts like hell every once in a while and I will probably have to have a total knee replacement within the next 10 years.

    Next up was when I was 11, I went to a peds doctor that was apparently a little too old and needed to retire. I went to the doc and he said I had a "plugged lung" and I would be fine, although my parents were confused why I seemed to be getting worse. He completely misdiagnosed what was actually full-field bilateral pneumonia. 4 days later I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't catch my breathe, I ran to my parents room and said "I can't breathe!" before I passed out and stopped breathing. I was rushed to the hospital where they took an X-ray and easily saw I had a serious case of pneumonia. Some rather strong antibiotics and some time in the hospital later I was released. I still have scars in my lungs from it and being in the cold air is very irritating and makes me cough a lot.

    When I was 17 I worked for a veterinarian. We had what looked like the biggest (250+ pounds) nastiest (the owners were afraid of him) ball mastiff come in for boarding. I could tell he was the dog version of Satan. I was able to get him into his kennel without incident, but when I tried to get his collar off (we had to give the collars back so we wouldn't be responsible for them), he gave a 1/2 assed effort to bite me, but the force was enough that he bit across my right arm straight through to the bone. A trip to the ER, antibiotics (dogs have nasty stuff in their mouth), and stitches I have a nice 4 inch scar on my the underside of my forearm.

    Also while working for the vet when I was 17, all the outside kennels were made out of metal fencing. Unfortunately they were installed before galvanized fencing was popular, so the were all rusty and since the owners were cheap, broken down. When I was bringing one of the larger dogs in he pulled me and I slammed into one of the kennels where two pointy pieces of rusty fencing ripped across my right arm. Another trip to the ER, a tetanus shot, and more stitches I have a 6 inch scar across my right bicep and 3 inch scar across the right side of my right elbow.

    Again, while I was 17 (17 was a bad year for me...), I was sitting in class and my heart started to race. I tried to take my pulse but was having a hard time because it was beating so fast. It went on for about 40 minutes and then my heart skipped a beat (I thought I was going to drop dead right there) and then it started beating really slowly, but I felt better and it eventually went back to normal. I was sick with a bad cold, and I felt worse the next day so I took that day off from school and it happened again. I had my mom take my pulse and she said "Wow, your heart is beating really fast. What's going on?" This one lasted for about 45 minutes. My parents took me to the ER and they referred me to cardiology. They gave me a device that would catch it on EKG and after a while I managed to catch a reading of it happening. They diagnosed me with SVT (it's where you heart suddenly starts beating fast for no reason) which is caused by extra electrical pathways in my heart that I was born with that just now started to cause trouble (they think the cold pills I was on might have been the trigger). Because of the type I had I'm not a good candidate for surgery, so I just take pills to control it. I still get it every once in awhile and it's not that bad, I have learned to live with it (even though I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything with caffeine in it, damn it!)

    When I was 18 I spiked a nasty fever (102+) before going to easter dinner with my then GF (the same bitch from below) and her family. I didn't feel sick (other than the fever) so I took some Tylenol, fever went down, and I went to the dinner. By the time I got home I felt like crap, and my fever was back at 103+. I went to the doctor the next day, with a higher fever (nearly 104) and he said it was just a typical infection and gave me some crap antibiotics. Over the next few days I spiked fevers over 106, was delusional, and not getting any better. The doctors only answer was "Give the antibiotics time to work". I didn't accept this. The next day I broke out in a rash on my chest, which sounded very familiar to something I had read before. I did a little research and found that I had scarlet fever (hard to believe since it is quite rare these days). I went back to the doctor the next day and demanded he see me again. He really didn't want to but I insisted that I wouldn't leave until he did. He checked me again, ran the strep test and it lit up like a scarlet beacon. His only response was "Oh, I guess it is scarlet fever. Well, here's a much stronger antibiotic". I was better a week later. I was just glad I caught it, if it had progressed to rheumatic fever (the next stage of scarlet fever) it very well could have killed me.

    Also when I was 18 (18 wasn't so great either...) I was dating the same bitch and she never took care of her car. Because of this the gaskethead in her car cracked which caused trouble with the cars radiator since oil was getting in and mixing with the coolant and clogging the radiator with crap which caused the car to overheat. The car was almost 20 years old at that time and all this trouble with the fluids didn't help. I was under the hood trying to get it unclogged again when I heard a strange metal noise, thinking that was the current cause of the failure I was looking for it. Little did I know that sound was the radiators superstructure failing. Next thing I know I am yelling at my GF for not taking care of her car when the radiator explodes (under pressure) and slams me against the underside of the hood while coating me in scolding coolant/oil. It got in my eyes, forced down my throat (since my mouth was open while I was yelling) because of the pressure, up my nose, and all over my upper body. My first reaction is to rip my shirt off and run to the outside faucet at the local gas station where the car failed and wash myself off and get it out of my throat, eyes. The gas station guys called 911 and I could see what I correctly assumed were 2nd degree burns covering all of my upper body. I was in the hospital for a little while and my burns healed (which fortunately only being 2nd degree did not scar or leave any marks) but it took weeks for my throat to stop hurting/get my voice back and for my vision to uncloud from the scalding to my corneas. No long term consequences except to watch out for whatever those chemicals might have done to my cells.

    Finally, when I was 20 and working at the hospital (a requirement to go to medical school here in America) we had a guy brought in by the police that was totally cracked out of his mind (probably PCP), yelling/screaming, carrying on. The guy was in four point restraints (both arms/both legs) and they sent me to get the details from the police (fucking chickenshits that worked there, send the kid to do your job...) Half way through getting the information the guy tears through the leather restraints (!) and knocks one of the cops out cold. He gets his legs free and shoves the other cop across the room. He turns to me, I just about crap myself, and he jumps up and kicks me in the chest, and sends me flying into and then over one of the desks in the hallway. The staff see what's going on and hit the panic button. Cops and guards come out of everywhere and hold the guy down until they can get him sedated enough to move to the lockdown ward. I immediately knew once I got my breath back that something was wrong with my lower back. They did an x-ray but everything looked okay. However, over the next few months it got to the point where I could hardly walk after sitting for a while and I was in constant pain. They did an MRI and found that I there was a sizable tear in one of the discs in my lower spine, which is known as a degenerative disc because it slowly falls apart over time. I have pain and stiffness (I can't even bend over to pick stuff up off the floor) everyday and I can't lift anything more than 50 pounds without paying for it. Sometime in the not too distant future the disc will completely fall apart (collapse) and I will have to have an artificial disc put in it's place.

    I have had all sorts of breaks/sprains/etc... but those above are all the major events.
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    Me, To You
    Thanks for sharing Paralel
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Makes me regret asking all you guys....This is some horrible stuff right here, especially Rayder
    WTF is up with you though Paralel?
    You jinxed or something?
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    Could be.

    It's not really all that bad. All my broken parts can be replaced when they give out (thanks to modern medicine), I can always have the scars removed, I survived all the illnesses with no real major issues, and my cardiac problem is controlled on medication. The only really annoying things are not being able to bend over and pick things up and not being able to lift more than 50 lbs. without my back going crazy.
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    Lol Paralel, that sucks. My mum has a similar problem with her back.

    I have a lot of scars, one of the worse ones was when I was 2 and was in my mums school, I ran over to her to show her something, tripped and smacked my head on the corner of her table. So now I have a permanent scar that looks like a 2/2.5 cm line above my right eye, pretty close to the nose area. It's like an extra wrinkle if I frown lol.
    I also skinned my knees while playing tennis, blood kept dribbling out for hours. I even put on something like heavy duty pads that are used on people after surgery and the blood soaked through. They were friction burns so they wept a lot too. I tried one of those clear plastic patches that supposedly keep the wound humid so it heals quicker and tbh I don't think they worked, my knees looked like raw meat, with streaks of white (sometimes greenish looking gunk) and a lot of purple and bruises on the edges. Thankfully the scars don't look that bad now.
    Ive got a ton of scars from little cuts, like falling down or getting scrapped with wire or stuff like that. I have a scar on my right hand from it being, literally, ironed out XD. And a little one on my left thumb from getting hit with a hockey stick. I also have another scar on my neck from getting burnt with red hot coal.

    I also have a scar on my right wrist/forearm from when one of my cousins was riding an old bike without brakes lol. He nearly got run over by a car that was coming round the corner but thankfully I got there in time and tried to stop the bike. He was going pretty fast so holding the bike from the handlebars didn't really work so I tried to stop it holding it from the back and one of the pedals, and it did stop. Because my wrist was stuck in the gears. It didn't bleed too bad but now I have a line of 17 dots going up my wrist, which will probably not fade away.

    Anyways, I also had scarlet fever last year or so too.And not only scarlet fever, but also strep throat and bronchitis all in one. I couldn't take a proper breath, because of the bronchitis, so I had to take little short ones which really fucked up my throat. I lost my voice, very badly, not just having a rough voice but actually having to answer the phone with a "Mhhhhh" [​IMG] .

    I felt like I couldn't breathe (something close to having bad asthma for like 2 weeks, you know that feeling of running out of air, or choking? I had it all the time. ) and I vomited blood (and maybe pus) that bled out of my throat, I reckon it was really swollen with little cuts or something.
    The worst was breathing and eating. Even swallowing water hurt like hell, and if it was something with salt or too much flavour my throat burnt a lot. The rashes were also annoying and I couldn't sleep well either. I lost like 5 or 6 kg in one week.
    The only good thing was that since I was contagious and ill, I had enough time to finish a few gamecube games I had been playing. And also, you know when your ill sometimes you grow a lot/more than normal? I grew like 4 or 5 cm in that time I was ill. I have no idea on how to explain that one XD

    Anyways, if that sucked, imagine what my migraines are like. I have them at a very high level, so I like go half blind, my head explodes if I move, anything and I mean ANYTHING from light, to sound, etc will be like someone hit my head with a hammer. I've been close to collapsing and fainting, I've had to be plugged in ER with oxygen for like 3 or 4 hours once.
    Thankfully my aunt, thats a pharmacist, gave me a mix of stuff to take when I feel that I'm going to have one and that really works, unless it's like.. to late XD
    Also with that and the scarlet fever last year I lost a lot of weight, since with my migraines I pretty much puke everything that I try to eat. I remember once I actually bit my left thumb to be able to take my mind of the pain in my head XD.

    Now I've gained a few kilos, I don't look that bony anymore (poky ribs, etc) and my legs and arms have more muscle so I feel a lot healthier. I don't have to handle that much stress at school anymore so the insomnia isn't as bad.

    Lots of text, sorry! XD
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    Here is one I rememmber well:
    I was praying(in Islam, when you pray, you can't do anything or move untill you finish your prayer, unless for something very important)
    My brother, 6 at the time, was playing Runescape and accidently closed it. So he wanted me to open it for him.
    He brought a spoon and kept hitting me on the head, while I was praying, so that I come with him.
    Now pissed off that I haven't moved yet, he brought a glass cup and smashed it on my head.
    I just remembered red liquid coming from my head to my face, and then I fainted.

    The doctor said I was lucky I was still alive, a piece of glass could've entered my brain.
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    Wow, Paralel, that's some bad luck right there.

    All I can remember is that once, in a trip to Poland (go Polska!) there was this nice little cliff, me, as stupid as I am, decided to take out my bike. At high speed, the wheel caught a rock and I flew straight in the neighbor's ditch. Aside from some scars and my parents yelling at me, everything was OK.

    There was also this time when I was at school, playing on those playground sets or whatever, they were crowded as hell and me and my friends decided to play tag (wow). Someone pushed me off accidentally and I fell off them, falling on my friend. I got out with a fractured elbow, and missed a few weeks of school.