h-encore² has been released, supports PlayStation Vita firmware 3.71


Coming as a complete surprise is a brand new release of h-encore² for the PlayStation Vita. TheFloW is back, bringing hack support for PlayStation Vita systems on firmwares 3.65 up to the new, previously unhacked 3.71. As other variations of h-encore, this custom firmware allows users to make kernel modifications, resulting in plugin support, changing the default clock speed, and of course, running homebrew. You can grab the new release right now, but you'll want to make sure you have a few tools at your disposal, to get everything working. You'll need a Vita on any of the aforementioned firmware versions (3.65+), a memory card if you have an OLED model, a link to an existing PlayStation Network account, qcma, psvimgtools, and pkg2zip (download links in the source). Then, the last thing you will require is a DRM-free demo of a game called bitter smile, which is used as h-encore²'s entry point. This marks the first time that 3.71 has been cracked, after its release back in late July. If you've been stuck on 3.71, now is the perfect time to join the exploited PlayStation Vita club. The full instructions have been included, below.

Regardless, you'll likely want to grab bitter smile as soon as you possibly can, just in case.

  1. Download h-encore² and extract it on your computer.

  2. Download and install qcma, psvimgtools and pkg2zip (check the releases section for the binaries).
    If you don't know where to put psvimgtools and pkg2zip binaries, just put them in the h-encore-2 folder.

  3. Download the vulnerable DRM-free demo of bitter smile (yes, that's the user entry point).

  4. Extract the demo using this command in terminal/cmd:

    pkg2zip -x PATH_OF_PKG

    This will output the files to app/PCSG90096.

  5. Copy the contents of the output app/PCSG90096 to the folder h-encore-2/app/ux0_temp_game_PCSG90096_app_PCSG90096(such that the files eboot.bin and VITA_PATH.TXT are within the same folder).

  6. Copy the license file app/PCSG90096/sce_sys/package/temp.bin to the folder
    h-encore-2/license/ux0_temp_game_PCSG90096_license_app_PCSG90096 and rename the just pasted file temp.bin to 6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif. Be careful with the file extension, it should not be .rif.bin. Again, this file should be in the same folder as VITA_PATH.TXT.

  7. Start qcma and within the qcma settings set the option Use this version for updates to FW 0.00 (Always up-to-date)to spoof the System Software check.

  8. Launch Content Manager on your PS Vita and connect it to your computer, where you then need to select PC -> PS Vita System, and after that you select Applications. If you see an error message about System Software, you should simply reboot your device to solve it (if this doesn't solve, then put your device into airplane mode and reboot). If this does still not work, then alternatively set DNS to to block updates. This should create a folder at PS Vita/APP/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on your computer (see qcma settings where this folder is), where the folder xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx represents the AID (account ID that is 16 characters long) that you need to insert here. If the AID is valid, it will yield a key that you can now use to encrypt the demo.

  9. Change directory to the h-encore-2 folder in terminal/cmd and use the key to encrypt all folders using (make sure you don't confuse the key with the AID, the key is 64 characters long!):

    psvimg-create -n app -K YOUR_KEY app PCSG90096/app
    psvimg-create -n appmeta -K YOUR_KEY appmeta PCSG90096/appmeta
    psvimg-create -n license -K YOUR_KEY license PCSG90096/license
    psvimg-create -n savedata -K YOUR_KEY savedata PCSG90096/savedata

    The folder h-encore-2/PCSG90096 should then contain sce_sys and all 4 folders from above, and within these folders you should find files called X.psvimg and X.psvmd, where X has the same name as the folder. Backup this folder, since if everything has been done correctly, you don't need to redo all the steps to install it onto another device with the same PSN account.

  10. Copy the folder h-encore-2/PCSG90096 to PS Vita/APP/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/PCSG90096 and then select Refresh databasein qcma.

  11. The h-encore² bubble with a size of around 243 MB should now appear in the Content Manager and that's what you finally need to transfer to your PS Vita. If the size does not match or you get the error C2-12858-4, then it's because you did not do it correctly! Please re-read the instructions more carefully then. If you get the error You can only copy applications that your account is the owner of, then it's because you have used an AID that is not of your account, go back to step 8.

  12. Launch h-encore² to exploit your device (if a message about trophies appears, simply click yes). The screen should first flash white, then purple, and finally open a menu called h-encore bootstrap menu where you can download VitaShell and install HENkaku. If it prompts the error Cannot start this application. C0-11136-2, then it's because you did not do step 6. correctly.

  13. Enjoy. Note that you have to relaunch the exploit everytime you reboot or shutdown your device. Of course if you only put your device into standby mode, you don't need to relaunch.

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Apr 16, 2018
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YAY! Just bought Vita today for $100 from Pawn Shop which is on 3.70 and I think its good deal need to get sd2vita card order it later. Love Ridge Racer, Sly Cooper and the thieves collection, God of War collection, Jak and Daxter collection WOW bunch of good games on there!


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Feb 23, 2009
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Is there any reason to being on this 3.71 firmware when I'm already on 3.60? :ninja:

Not that I can see, you can run everything on 3.60. There are things you can't do on 3.71.

Downgrade with modoru from 3.71 = Softbrick
DON'T downgrade

That is cool, I wonder what Sony did.

i meant update to this H-encore version, not official.

If you have an unhacked 3.60 then use henkaku and then install enso.
If you'have an unhacked 3.65 or later then use h-encore squared and then install enso. I'd probably downgrade to 3.60 as it's better (but downgrading from 3.71 is problematic right now, so don't).

If you're already got henkaku or h-encore then do nothing as h-encore squared is no use to you.
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