Gundam Breaker for PS3 and PSVita revealed

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    Namco-Bandai revealed Gundam Breaker through a teaser depicting the real-life Gundam statue situated in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay being snatched away in a toy-like fashion and "coming to life". Not much is known about the game yet other than the platforms it will be released on, but the video alone shows enough to excite any Mecha fan. Mini-Gundams fighting on rulette tables? Count me in - this sounds and looks like fun!​


    EDIT: New info available!

    The key feature of the game is said to be customization of your Gundams - you can earn additional parts by battling with other Mechs or finishing in-game missions. You can customize your head, body, arms, legs, backpack, shield, melee weapon, firearm, and an option parts, as long as they are the correct size.