Guitar Hero/Rock Band Drums

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  1. Teny

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    Aug 29, 2009
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    I want to get drums for Guitar Hero (Smash Hits, World Tour, 5) and Rock Band (2, Beatles). But I have been hearing that both of them are having problems. Should I even bother getting them? It seems like it's going to cost me about $100 just for the drums alone. Right now, I only have an GH3 guitar. If I should get one, which one do you guys recommend?
    I would wait for Band Hero drums, but from the looks of it, the drums won't be sold separately till like next year.
  2. Eddie_Brock

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    From my personal experience, Guitar Hero instruments work fine with Rock Band, but not the other way around...

    I too would like to play drums, however I think that RB has the better layout, so what I will likely do is buy the RB Drum Kit stand-alone and just use it for the Rock Band Games... (I've already beaten all the Guitar Hero's)
  3. Raikiri

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    Well i have a GH Drum kit and it works fine with RB2 but doesnt work on RB1 (havent tried it with beatles yet) but i recommend getting a GH drum kit because the GH drum kit uses 5 hit areas and the bass pedal and from what i've seen the RB drum kit only has 4 + bass (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, i dont know anyone with RB drums [​IMG]) so a RB Drum kit probably wouldnt work with Guitar Hero
  4. gypsygirl13

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    Sep 8, 2009
    I currently have both, GHWT and RB2 drums.
    What I write here is based only on my experience, so it maybe different for others ok.

    The GHWT drums works with GH games, RB2 and RB:Beatles.
    RB2 drums work with RB games and GH5.

    I'm already contemplating on selling my GHWT drums, well first of all I always prefer to play the RB2 game because of better music selection, rawksd and the dlc wad. Second I realize that I would get a better chance to get a 100% rating on hard mode with the RB2 drums than with the GHWT drums because there are times that the yellow cymbal doesn't register the note when I hit it, and no my yellow pad is not defective it's just that there certain areas in the pad that even if you hit it it won't register the beat so the outcome you will tend to pound on it. It's funny because I'm tapping on the red, blue and green pads then I have to pound on the yellow and orange pads and sometimes mistakenly I would also pound on the other pads which is not a very good idea with GHWT drums because there are instances that when you beat too hard on the round pads something would get cracked inside and you would have that irritating 'clank' sound (check on youtube).

    With the RB2 drums I don't have much problem with it but I'm a bit uneasy with the yellow and blue pads. I tried hitting the red and green pads near the edges the hits would get recognized but with the yellow and blue you really need to hit the black center or near it because if you try to hit it near the edges it will not register your hit. That's only minor once you get the hang of it drumming would be pretty smooth.

    Now the kick pedals. The GHWT kick pedal is made of plastic, it might be prone to break easily if you always step on it too hard which you really won't have to anyway because it's really not hard to use. The spring is soft and easy to do double kicks with but it's also prone to make more than double kicks too. The RB2 kick pedal has a metal plate which I think is to prevent breakage, you're going to need more effort to do kicks with this because the feel is more firmer. I read somewhere that the RB2 kick pedal feels much closer to a real bass pedal than with the GHWT kick pedal and I concur. Twice my right calf cramped but it's all good \m/ LOL.

    So the question really is, which games do you really want to play???
    If you just want to play most games (and like pounding on cymbals) go with GHWT drums.
    If you want perfection, RB2 then.

    By the way GHWT drums needs a wii mote to play while the RB2 drums uses 3 double A batteries.