Guitar Hero On Tor DS Review

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    Dec 3, 2008

    By rockstar99

    It’s true that Guitar Hero is now a mammoth franchise and it’s been successful on every home platform. Now Activision want you to have a go at air guitar by letting you play Guitar Hero on Tour on the move on your DS. At first glance it looks like a cool idea.
    The game features all the core game play from the console version with a peripheral made specifically for the game - a grip that slots into your GBA port on your DS. You hold the DS as if it were a book and use your four fingers to press down the fret keys as you strum on the touch screen using the guitar pick stylus that also comes included. However, the game cripples you from the off. Just holding the thing makes your wrist hurt and I ended up having to support my wrist with my leg to get comfy - something I couldn’t do waiting for a bus or travelling on the train. Also, every time you strum you have to make new contact with the touch screen as you pass it across the graphic of the strings. This results in missing lots of notes in songs and nothing’s more annoying than not performing like you know you can on the console version because of bad game design. I know the saying a bad workman blames his tools but in this case the tools should be melted down.
    They’ve crammed 25 songs the cartridge and it does have the look and feel of the console version. Some of the songs do feel a bit to ‘pop’ for a rock game but I guess this version may have to appeal to a younger audience.
    It’s a great idea, but at the end of the day the peripheral just doesn’t work how it should. It even has a tendency to slip out of the slot at regular intervals and force you to reset. Some sort of clamp is needed to keep it in place when you’re thrashing about. This game is frustrating to play.
    RATING=6/10(Rent It)