Guitar Hero:Modern Hits "bypass Grip Hack??"

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    I recently saw this

    and I saw that people have claimed its working.....

    I havent got it working....since the GBA CHEAT database doesn't have it in yet...thats what my AK2i updates its cheat database

    I use a "double picking" method...I did fine with on Tour >>>

    I use an AceKard2i using akAIO...and this is what im getting...

    either when I click "CHEATS" it freezes.

    when the cheats pop-up...they dont work still the "you can't rock out..." screen still shows up.

    I cant even get this game to work on NO$GBA!

    I would really like this to work as my DS LITE is needing repairs to work again. and my DSi...well....nuff said

    i've used


    AR Cheat Editor

    R4 Cheat Editor...

    nothing....followed curley's cheat guide too....i have to MANUALLY put the code in...and its not working...

    I never had this much trouble when I had my R4!!

    anyway.....thanks in advance anyone [​IMG]
  2. elixirdream

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    just go download a clean copy of usrcheat.dat and reenter the codes
  3. Overlord Nadrian

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Also, you have to enable every code for the grip, except you only have to use 1 button hack. I'm sorry for my crappy explaining skills...