Guitar Hero III Axes!

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    From IGN:
    a little Guitar Hero III news. Today Activision officially announced its partnership with guitar makers Gibson Guitar Corp. The partnership not only entitles the release of new Gibson guitars for players to rock out with, but also in-game brand guitars exclusive to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Players can use over 20 classic and modern Gibson guitars, and more than 80 finishes to stylize their rocking goodness. In addition, each platform will support fully-wireless guitars for GH patrons, with everything from PS2 to 360, PS3 and the Wii being fully wireless.


    Also announced today is the full listing of guitars in Guitar Hero III. The following list has been taken directly from Activision's press release:

    * ES-355
    * Explorer
    * Firebird
    * SG
    * Les Paul
    * V-Factor
    * Super CES400
    * Marauder
    * Corvus

    * Casino
    * Coronet
    * Sheraton

    * 650
    * Vanguard

    Bass Guitars:
    * Marauder
    * Corvus
    * Les Paul
    * LP Double Cutaway
    * EDS 1275
    * ES335
    * Firebird
    * Flying V
    * Moderne
    * SG
    * X-Plorer

    For close up of the Wii guitar Click My Cheeky Ass.
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    awww.. I want an ESP LTD VIPER-1000 Deluxe [​IMG]

    still, great news!
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    I want a Fender. [​IMG]
    I think the new guitar sucks.
    But why are they all white but the one right not ?

    I don't hope the black one is for the PS3.
    Would be really crap if Sony gets there own one. -.-

    Could it be that they are all for Wii !?

    (because there's one with the Wiimote and one with wiimote LEDs. Oo"
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    So I need to use a crowbar to remove the Wii-mote from the guitar then?
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    The guitars will also have removeable faceplaces so you can customise them. [​IMG]

    Anyone know what the buttons near the bottom of the neck are for?

    It's not going to be a patch on Rock Band (Thread Plug) but GHIII should tide me over till Rock Band gets a Wii release.

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    It probably has a hole in the back so you can push it out with your finger.